Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 1 Traditions: Nativity Set

Welcome to day 1 of my fun series. 

     Most of my Christmas decorations are "hands off" for the Kendall Girl.  Love her heart, all these fun and shiny new things that she's not allow to touch.

    It kind of makes me feel sorry for her!  But this is one Christmas decoration that is meant to be played with.  A Kid friendly nativity set.

    We have this one:

     It is the Beginner's Bible Nativity Set.  They can be a bit pricey but what a great way to teach your kid the true story of Christmas. I got ours half price at Hobby Lobby.   Since the pieces are smaller, this is a monitored activity.   I just talk with her about Baby Jesus, and the shepherds, and wise men, etc.   In all reality, I'm starting this super young, and she is obviously not retaining it.  But it's something I've dreamed of doing with my kids for years.  I saw this pin on pinterest the other day:

    Hopefully in coming years this nativity set will use this set to retell the birth of Christ.
    When I put up my Christmas Decor I'll store these until next year.

    Here are some other cute kid-friendly nativity options:
Fisher Price Little People Christmas Story (Source)
The Nativity Play Set (Source)

Kurt Adler 10.5-Inch Hand-Carved Child's 1st Nativity Set

(Source)  This set is super cute!

Talicor Plush Nativity 11 Piece Play Set (Source)

    I hope you will come back often this month.  I'm excited about this fun series!

P.S.  Just in case anyone is interested (and has A LOT of $), I'd love the Willow Tree Nativity Set for myself.  :)

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The Skinny on Staci said...

We own sets 2 and 3 that you posted. :) Actually, we own set 2. We now own only PARTS of set 3. Lol My kids are getting way too old for set 2. I paid like $25 for it on clearance several Christmases ago. It is chunky and perfect for little hands. It plays Away in a Manger when you press down on the angel. Very slobber friendly. Ha In fact, my kids owned sooooo many Little People chunky toy sets that I just couldn't not get the nativity set! :) Oh, and I would LOVE that Willow Tree set, but I'm not one of your readers with $$$$. Lol

Kanara said...
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Rachel said...

Steph, I'm loving your traditions posts. I always wanted to have super special things we always did, but I don't know that I've made too many firm traditions. Matt (my boyfriend) loves Christmas, and is much more enthusiastic about such things than my kids' dad I'm storing up all these ideas for the coming years. Thanks for sharing!
Also, I LOVE Willow Tree. I would love to have that nativity set on top of my piano. :)

Stephanie said...

Awww, thanks Rachel, I'm glad you are enjoying it. :) Sometimes I worry people will realize that I'm as big of a dork as I really am!

Hopefully, I'll get these added to the top of blog for future reference. I'm sure I'll forget by next year!

And I was hoping you were my rich friend who'd buy me the Willow Tree Set. Shoot! Guess I'll keep looking.

Rachel said...

Lol. Definitely not the rich friend. But if I come into some money, I'll keep you in mind. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I came here because I was looking for a picture of the Willow Tree set with the little shepardess in it. I own the Willow Tree set and I never could have afforded it all at once. We were really broke when we started collecting it. I get a piece or two a year for it. We been collecting it for ten-13 years and I was amazed when we could finally afford the Crèche. It kind of makes it special to get a little at a time. My husband bought me the Little Shepardess this year, but I still think she feels a little out of place with her gold crown. Its a really sweets set. Don't be overwhelmed by buying to all at once.