Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Karlie is 1 Month Old!

Karlie Mae, you are one month old!  I’m glad that you came a month early so that we could spend that extra time with you.

     A week ago at your doctor visit you weighed 6 lbs and 14 ounces.

   During the day you eat every 2 to 3 hours. Our nights vary. Some nights you will eat every 3 hours. Some nights you will go 5 hours or longer before you are ready to eat. You really don’t cry in the middle of the night. You lie in your bassinet and start making grunting noises. After you eat, you tend to go right back to sleep. Some nights you will fuss for less than a minute because you really want to be in the bed with mom and dad.  You are the biggest snuggle bug!  You sleep best when wrapped up tight in a swaddling blanket.   


     Mom is a huge believer in schedules!  But she’s finding it’s a lot harder with baby #3.  There are many days were we have to be out running errands, going to speech therapy, or enjoying the library.  We’re hopeful to develop a more concrete schedule for you this month.

You have been great at nursing since day one!  We only supplemented for a few days in the hospital when they were worried about you being so small.   

     You are very petite.  Most of your 0 to 3 month clothes are too big. You have outgrew your preemie diapers and sleepers.  You are wearing newborn diapers. 

      You love bath time. Mommy is still giving you a bath in the kitchen sink and loves doing it. It is the cutest thing. You are totally content the whole time. The first two weeks you would get a little fussy at the end, but just because you were getting cold. Now that the ole belly button stub is gone, you enjoy being down in the water. Kendall and Kate love to help with your bath!

    Speaking of your sisters, they love you so much.  I knew they’d love you but I didn’t realize how much.  They are constantly talking to you, and watching you. 


      We love you so much.  You have been the perfect addition to our family. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Jones Girls Update

It's hard to believe that my favorite girls are 3 1/2 and just shy of 2.  They are a complete handful, mess, joy, and blessing all wrapped up in one.  Today seems like a swell day to post an update on each of them.


  Girlfriend is busy busy busy!  She loves life.  When she is excited she does a silly foot stomping dance and a crazy loud giggle. She loves living life in the fast lane.  The first thing she asks everyday is if we are going bye bye.
     As a baby she was super attached to sucking her pointer and middle finger on her right hand and rubbing her blanket on her face.  She also carried that blankie around everywhere.  When she turned three we made the rule that blankie had to stay in her bed.  Recently, we decided to fight the finger sucking battle.  I bought the polish that taste horrible for thumb suckers.  It worked like a charm and also backfired.  The girl who has slept like a dream (pun intended) since day 1 has stopped napping.  As bad as I hate it, she has done great with no nap and a slightly earlier bedtime.  She's only sucked her fingers once or twice in the last month or so. 

    Kendall loves "Sunday Room" (Sunday School).  Most days its her and all boys in her class but she doesn't even seem to notice.  She loves learning her weekly bible verse and receiving a sticker for it.  A few weeks ago the verse was, "Trust in the LORD, and do good" (Psalm 37:3).  After practicing it for several days she told Michael and myself that she didn't know how to trust in the Lord and do good.  She says her favorite bible verse is "Let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath."
      Her speech isn't as clear as we'd like.  She has a referral to see a speech therapist.  Recently I asked her about something, and she said " I don't have a que." (clue).

    She likes to the in charge and tends to boss others if they let her.  She wears a size 5 or 6.  She also has the cutest curls on the back of her head. 
     We have been having "school time" since the beginning of June.  We are working on letters and sounds. 
    Meme told her the other day she had to be buckled in the car so she wouldn't go flying out.  She told Meme that kids don't fly.  

    We were in the car the other day and I half heard her ask a question about when she's a grownup.  I went with the safe answer of "we'll see".  Michael's eyes got real big.  She had asked if she could watch bad stuff when she is a grown up.  She's talking about the many cartoons we won't let her watch.  


   Girlfriend copies EVERYTHING Kendall does.  Good and bad.  She loves her big sister!  She wants to potty.  She constantly goes to the toliet and lifts up her shirt.
    She loves to eat.  Food is serious business for her.  She wakes up in the morning saying nack (snack) and ju (juice). 
    Kate is wearing mostly 3Ts now.  Her favorite thing to do is look at books.  She loves water and baths. 

    She wakes up close to 7AM every morning.  Takes a nap at 1 PM and goes to bed in the evening at 7:30. 
   She likes sing the BIBLE but it sounds like a jumble of letters.  Her speech is really taking off.  She knows too many words to list.  Recently she has started saying apple, and help me. 

  These girls are exhausting but I love them with my whole heart. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fourth of July 2016

I realized that Instagram has killed my blogging. Its so much easier to snap a quick IPhone picture and post it then to write a blog post. 

However, I don't want my blog to completely die. I love looking back on it and seeing how God has blessed and led our family. So I'll be checking in periodically. 

 I thought it would be a good day to post some pictures from the fourth of July. We spent most of the day around the house but headed out that evening to watch fireworks with friends.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Our Weekend

Thursday Morning Games in Pajamas...

Friday, Pawpaw and mawmaw came up to visit.  Kendall was explaining to pawpaw how to play catch.  Good thing he has her around!

Saturday we went to our friends Devin Birthday party.  I didn't get any pictures with the birthday boy.  The girls love their Jen.  Probably because she does a lot of spoiling! 

My brother was even able to be there.  That's rare because of his work schedule.  

And Sunday was church, lunch, ring around the rosie, naps, and church again.  

Kendall was enjoying her grapes papaw sent her.  

That sums up our fast and furious weekend.