Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finally Labor Day Pictures

Good news....the y and r have started working on my laptop again.  Makes life so much easier!  I'm relieved to be spending a quiet day at home with just Michael and me.  Doing very little.

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of when my family came over on Labor Day.   There's a lot of pictures so if you don't know my family it might be a little boring.  My feelings won't be hurt if you skip over this post. 

The Girls

The Guys

Cassie got to come by for a few minutes.

 Josh and the old tractor

This tractor belonged to my Pappaw Kring.  My Dad recently gave it to Michael to fix up.  

Josh's Family

Michael and I with Pappaw Tommy.  He's our Sunday lunch buddy.  We enjoy eating together almost every Sunday.

With the my ruppe Grandparents.

Mom and her kids

Wendell and Kiah

Wendell and Punk

Wendell and Mom

For a little added humor my y and  r stopped typing in the middle of this post.  What in the world??????  Back to copy and paste. That's my life!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Totally Random Update

Things at the Jones home are going great.  I have been avoiding blogging simply because the r and y on my keyboard are not working.   So without a bunch of copying and pasting the above sentence looks like this: I have been avoiding blogging simpl because the  and   on m keboad ae not woking.     Good times!

School is going good.  Just super busy! Our report cards have majorly changed which is a good thing but way more time consuming.  It's really put me behind on some school things. 

Michael has got to stay on days though several of his night rotations.  It has been huge blessing! He was suppose to start on nights again Monday but it looks like he'll be on days a little while longer!

He gave me an early birthday present a few days ago.

I'm loving my new Nikon D3000! 

I got some great family pictures on Labor day which I'll post later. 

And Finally our daily visitors.