Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kendall is 2 1/2!

At the end of July, you officially became 2 1/2, Kendall.

  You are a talking machine! That's not an exaggeration. You talk from sun up to sun down. We can't always understand everything you say, but you can typically "show" us and we understand.

The other day I had asked you to get the toys out of the bathtub.  When I went back into the bathroom I found half the toys thrown in the floor.  When I hollered at you to come back you replied, "Me on me way."

You adore being a big sister.  You look for Kate first thing every morning.  You love to give her hugs and kisses.  You love to take care of her and feed her puffs.  You don't always want to share your toys with her, though. 

You love to sing.  Since your language is still developing, a lot of your "singing" is loud humming and jabbering.

You love to be read too.  You are constantly asking mom or dad to "read you". 

You still love your blankie and sucking your two fingers. 

You hair has filled in so much in the last six months.  You have little curls at the base of your neck, which Momma loves.

You are a dad's girl through and through.  Dad is in the middle of a deck building project.  You love going out to "help dad-da". 

I remember kissing and hugging you as a baby and wondering if you'd ever respond.  All that positive affection has paid off.  You love giving hugs and kisses now.  You are extremely loving.  And love to snuggle.

You kneel by your bed at night to pray.  If we forget to pray over a meal, you are quick to remind us.  Even though you don't understand prayer, I love seeing this devotion develop in you.

You have grown a lot since you turned two.  You were wearing mostly 3T's, now most of your 4T's are too small, and you are wearing 5T. 


 We tried Potty training as soon as you turned two.  We spent two looooonnnnng days and you weren't having it so we went back to diapers.  We tried again a few months later and you did much better.  After 2 weeks you pretty much had it.  Now you only wear panties (expect for sleep) and you are doing great.  You will occasionally have an accident because you don't want to take time to slow down and potty.  But the accidents are becoming less and less.  You are a potty star!

We moved you to your "big girl bed" around two months ago.  Mom and Dad were dreading it so bad because we were afraid it'd really interrupt your sleep patterns when you realized that you could get up when you wanted.  Boy were we wrong.  Not only are you a potty star, but you are a big girl bed star!  When you wake up you lay in there and holler at mom or dad to come and get you.  You don't even try to get up yourself. 

You are absolutely FULL of life.  You are ready to have a good time, all the time.  You have such a fun personality but it does occasionally get you in trouble.  

You love "church day".  Most mornings you ask me if it is "church day".  You sit with daddy and sit through most services.  Sometimes I think you really just go to "play with kids" after church. 

We love you so much.  God has made you wonderfully and you are a blessing to our family. 


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Kate is 10 Months Old!

Baby Kate, you are 10 months old.

 "Eating" a toy lemon


 At your check up a few weeks ago, you weighed 19 lbs and 13 oz (75%).  Your length was 27 3/4 inches (50%).  Your head circumference was 18 1/4 inch (95%). 

You are not as big of a sleeper as your sister is.  You will take two short naps a day.  And then go to bed at 7pm.  You are usually awake by 6:30 ready to eat.

You have at least 3 teeth coming through on the top, and two on the bottom.  Anyone who wants a more accurate count are more than welcome to put their fingers in there.  Its a "enter at your own risk" situation.

You are doing great at crawling now.  You seem more content now that you are able to move around and get into stuff.  You are trying to pull up but haven't been able to just yet. 

This month you've started sitting up in the big bathtub unassisted.  You love taking a bath with your sister.  You are a splashing machine, and love every moment of it.

You wear a size 3 diaper, size 2 shoe, and 18 & 24 month clothes.

You love to clap your hands and make kissing noises.  It's heart melting!

You are over all a sweet and relaxed baby.  It is rare to hear you cry.

We love you so much.  You have been the perfect addition to our family.

You are growing like a weed!