Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Before and Afters of Our Home Sweet Home

I've been waiting until the house was "finished" to show updated pictures....Since that is looking like that is years away, I thought I'd post an update as to where we are now.

Outside:  Before 

Outside: After

Not much has changed on the outside.  Michael changed the front (and side) light.  We had it pressured washed.  And a nice new ADT sign since we had the system reactivated. We probably won't do any landscaping until Spring.

Kitchen 1: Before

Kitchen 1: After

We didn't have to do much in the kitchen except paint the walls and trim.

Kitchen 2: Before

Kitchen 2:  After

Living Room 1:  Before

Living Room 1: After
In the living room we painted the ceiling, walls, and trim, installed hardwood flooring, got rid of the out dated ceiling fan, and bought new furniture.  We will probably change out the light again.  It doesn't give off enough light. 

Dining Room 1:  Before

Dining Room 1: After

We painted the walls, and trim.  Added vertical blinds to the sliding glass door.  Added hardwood floors. And replaced the ceiling fan with a chandler.  I have some ideas for black accessories in here.  And a new dining room table (can't blame me for dreaming big).  We still have a few electrical outlets to replace in here. 

Dining Room 2: Before

Dining Room 2:  After

Living Room 2: Before

Living Room 2: After

Spare Room 1: Before

Spare Room 1: After

This room hasn't got much attention.  We painted and added carpet.  I have two chairs in here that belonged to my nanny.  I plan on getting them recovered and using at least one of them in the living room.  We also have a second spare room.  We are using it for storage so I'm not posting pictures of it yet. 

Bathroom 1:  Before
Bathroom 1:  After

Our bathrooms are small.  We painted them both yellow.  We hope to do mini-redos in the future...replacing the flooring and vanities. 

Master Bedroom 1:  Before

Master Bedroom 1: After

Master Bedroom 2:  Before

Master Bedroom 2: After

We still need to replace the closet doors....just keeping it real for you blogger friends!

Master Bath 1: Before

Master Bath 1: After

Back of the wash room 1: Before

Back of the Washroom 1: Currently

This is Michael's current project. He is building me a pantry!  I'm so excited about it.  He has it framed in and is working on filling sheet rock. 
And there you have it.  Our little Casa.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thirty Before Thirty

I am a list kind of girl. It's how I get anything done at school. I start every work day by making a new list of things to get done that day. Occasionally if I do something that's not on my list, I go back and write it in just to have the joy of marking it off. My daily list keeps me on track and busy. And at the end of the day I feel like I've really accomplished something.

I have less than three years before I hit the big THREE-OH. Yikes! I've seen on several blogs lists of thirty things to accomplish before that person turns thirty. Sounds right up my we go:

1. Decorate every room in my house

2. Dye my hair

3. Become more disciplined in my devotional life

4. Find and keep a family doctor

5. Learn to use my camera on manual

6. Volunteer for some worthy organization

7. Stop drinking soft drinks

8. Lose 30 pounds

9. Get in the best shape of my life

10. Organize my recipes in one place

11. Take an amazing Vacation

12. Have a baby/or adopt :)

13. Organize my birthday list and start sending cards

14. Can and freeze vegetable from our garden

15. Go Hunting with Michael

16. Take a road trip

17. Organize my hard drive

18. Order a custom painting for our house

19. Write a children's book

20. Submit a picture to I heart faces

21. Clean out my car trunk

22. Make Little Girl Hair bows

23. Buy and Learn to use photo shop

24. Photograph a Waterfall

25. Have a girls night out with friends--any takers?

26. Join a book club

27. Visit Biltmore

28. really get dedicated with couponing

29. Set a budget and live on it
30. re-design my blog

I'm pretty satisfied with my list.

The Voice Mail

It went something like this:

Hey Charlie. This is John Moore. We've played together before. I'm kin to Harmon and Vickie. you know me. The reason I'm calling is because we are playing tonight at Music road and our banjo player can't make it. We were hoping you could fill in. We are suppose to be there at seven and on stage at eight. If you can make it, give me a holler back at --------------. Talk at you later.

2 Things:

Number one: I should really redo my voice mail message and emphasis the "This is Stephanie" part.

Number two: Michael ruined my last chance at stardom. He called ole John back. I could have been great.