Friday, May 31, 2013

Kendall is 4 Months Old!

     Kendall Paige, you are four months old!  
    You had your 4 month appointment yesterday.  You weighed   14 lbs and 1 oz.   Your head circumference was 16 ½ in.    You are 24 1/2 inches long.  All three of these are in the 75%.  Your appointment also included more yucky shots!  You slept most of the day away after that.    

        You are eating every three to four hours.  You have gone from being completely bottle fed to mostly nursing.   Cereal is in your near future.

     You are still sleeping through the night.  Occasionally you want an early 4AM snack, but then you go back to sleep. A lot of the time you will sleep until 6:30.  You like to turn in pretty early.  By 7:30, you want your last feeding and by 8 or 8:30 you are asleep for the night.  You have slept the last 2 nights in the nursery in your crib.  You are sleeping a little better in there than your much too small bassinet in mom and dad’s room.    Although Mom and Dad hated to see you go, it was time.
   This was the month we said goodbye to the swaddle.   It took a couple of days to get use to life on the outside but now it is going great!

    After weeks of being on a 3 hour schedule, we are trying a four hour schedule.  You eat and stay up for 2 hours, and then you sleep for 2 hours.  We’ve had so many schedule interruptions lately that you are more accustomed to your 3 hour schedule still.

    You are forever keeping your hand in your mouth!  Mom is starting to think you are part cannibal!  And you are not a huge fan of your pacifier anymore.  You will take it occasionally, or if being held in church, to go to sleep.  

   You are still wearing size one diapers.   You have about 15 left, then you are moving up to size 2. You are wearing 6 to 9 month clothes, although a lot of the 6’s are getting too small.    
     You have the sweetest smile.  And love to “talk” to mom and dad.  We like it pretty well too. 
    We thank God daily for the treasure of being your parents!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day

    Starting last Thursday, We had a whirlwind of long weekend.  It was really nice to get in lots of family time.  I was glad yesterday for a quiet day at the house to get little princess back on a schedule.     Thursday, we worked on cleaning out my classroom.  Friday we ran some errands in the morning and that evening drove to McDonald to celebrate Michael's Mom's birthday.  Saturday, I went to a wedding and then to mom's house that afternoon.  Sundays are always busy with church.  And Monday we had a cookout at my dad's.  Sadly, Monday was the only day I took a few pictures.  

 Laughing at crazy Uncle Josh

Cuddling with Aunt Misty

 Chillin with this guy

Monday, May 27, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

 Momma and daughter looking mighty cool, while out in the sun!  A friend from church gave us Kendall's shades.

 I went to school this week and cleaned out my classroom.  I took muffins to several of my co-workers and principal.  Up close and personal with the tag...thank you pinterest.

 Kendall girl ready for church I was totally digging her pink fluff until a friend at church pointed out it looked like the flower off of Horton Hears A Who, so true.

     We sent this picture to dad this week.  It's of her monitor and her new found love...sucking the ole fingers!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Because Sunday Afternoon Naps are Better with a Friend


I love seeing my man with our little girl...there's nothing like it!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Never Say Never

   Raising kids was so much easier before we had one!  I had it all figured out until Kendall came not so much.  
    In college I had to write my philosophy of Education...What I thought was important in the process of learning.  My instructor cautioned us that our philosophy would always be changing and developing.   I'm figuring the same is true in parenting.  I've made a list of some of my changing philosophies....this is deep, people....

Kids in Momma's bed--
              Then--I swore our kids would never ever sleep with us.  
               Parents who do, lack discipline.
               Now--My favorite thing in the world is snuggling       
                        Kendall girl in bed.  Michael probably likes it            
                        more than I do.  And before I get the 
                        smushing-the-baby-in-our-sleep hardly 
                        ever happens.  Just saying I like it when it does.   
                        Pretty sure I won't like it when she's fifteen  

Spit Shine--Need I say more?
              Now--Is that a smudge on her cheek?

Kid with Boogies in their noses...
              Then--Someone should report those parents to DCS.
                Now--What's one little boogie gonna hurt?  She's 
                happy and it's time for sense in ticking her off
                with the booger sucker!   The way I figure it's 
                counterproductive.  The screaming fit that is induced by  
                the sucker only makes more boogers.  I'll just keep the 
                ones we already have! 

Kids with long fingernails--
              Then:  Yucky Yuck
               Now:  Those nails are so teny tiny and these clippers are 
               so big.  I'm pretty sure she'll need all ten fingers to play 
               Beethoven and write her great novel.  We'll cut them later!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

Here's my cell phone pics from the last two weeks.  


 Kendall girl ready for church yesterday.  I wish I had took some of these with my big camera.  :(  I think she likes going to church :). 

Exhausted from shopping at Wal-mart last week.  

 The front of my mother's day necklace (I already had the heart).  Michael did good.  :)  It wasn't anything I asked for, but now I can't think of anything I'd rather have. 

 The back

 My other gift.  He gave me the necklace on Saturday so I could wear it all weekend.  I was suprised when he pulled this out of Sunday.  I love me some willow tree.  I used it along with another one I already had as the center pieces on our table for Mother's Day Lunch.  He spoils me! 

 If I had any dignity I wouldn't post such pictures of myself.   This was a house cleaning day.  Kendall was wanting attention and I was needing to get stuff done!  She likes her sling.  


Little girl has decided she doesn't want to be swaddled anymore.  :(   First picture is swaddled second is not.  We are still getting adjusted to life without the swaddle.  She is not sleeping as deep anymore but it's getting a little better each day.  If she'd just quit waking herself up with those arms!

 Headed to church on Wednesday Nite. 

Loving her jumperoo!  She gets lots of attention each day but I try to be conscious not to hold her all day.  Hopefully she won't be too spoiled.  :)

And that's it for now.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day take 3

On Sunday, my family came to our house for lunch.

 The whole crew minus Dylan who only came by for a few minutes at the end.

 Mom's girls.  I had already changed Kendall out of her church dress and into a sleeper.  


 Punky and Steve

 Jess and Adam

 Papaw and Bobbie

Dylan and Kiah