Monday, May 20, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

Here's my cell phone pics from the last two weeks.  


 Kendall girl ready for church yesterday.  I wish I had took some of these with my big camera.  :(  I think she likes going to church :). 

Exhausted from shopping at Wal-mart last week.  

 The front of my mother's day necklace (I already had the heart).  Michael did good.  :)  It wasn't anything I asked for, but now I can't think of anything I'd rather have. 

 The back

 My other gift.  He gave me the necklace on Saturday so I could wear it all weekend.  I was suprised when he pulled this out of Sunday.  I love me some willow tree.  I used it along with another one I already had as the center pieces on our table for Mother's Day Lunch.  He spoils me! 

 If I had any dignity I wouldn't post such pictures of myself.   This was a house cleaning day.  Kendall was wanting attention and I was needing to get stuff done!  She likes her sling.  


Little girl has decided she doesn't want to be swaddled anymore.  :(   First picture is swaddled second is not.  We are still getting adjusted to life without the swaddle.  She is not sleeping as deep anymore but it's getting a little better each day.  If she'd just quit waking herself up with those arms!

 Headed to church on Wednesday Nite. 

Loving her jumperoo!  She gets lots of attention each day but I try to be conscious not to hold her all day.  Hopefully she won't be too spoiled.  :)

And that's it for now.


Debbie said...

Nothing, except actually holding my little doll, makes my day brighter, than to open up your blog and see lots of pictures of my sweet little grand baby!!!!! I MISS her so much and can't wait to get my hands on her again!!!! This is by far the longest I have went without actually seeing her since the day she arrived to brighten our lives!!!! Thanks for the pics and keep them coming!!!! Tell her daily, scratch that, tell her hourly, how much her Meme loves her!!!!!
Love You and Michael Too!!!LOL!!!,
Love You Bunches,

The Skinny on Staci said...

Tucker sleeps with his hands behind his head like "I'm da mannnn." I love it. None of my babies ever seemed to like being swaddled. :( Love seeing these random pics of your beauty girl. Oh, and as for the cleaning day pic... you look cleaner and nicer than a lot of new moms. haha

Anonymous said...

Aw I didn't get to see the orange dress on Sunday.She is such a little princess!!! Michael did great on the necklace too it's adorable and so unique!