Wednesday, May 8, 2013

ABC's of Me

I love being a Momma.  There is nothing like it!  But as much as my life is currently centered around Kendall, I thought it'd be fun to do a light hearted non-baby post.  I saw this on another blog and thought it looked fun.  Maybe some of you would like to join in.  Let me know if you do.

Age - 29.  As bad as I hate to admit it, I'm about to slam head on into 30.  :(   Why do I still feel like I'm 18?

 Bed Size - Queen

 Chore You Hate - Hanging up clothes.  I don't mind the washing, drying and folding.  It's the hanging up!  Maybe it's because of our small closets.

Dogs -Not so much.  I'm pretty anti-animal.  Hopefully that doesn't make you hate me.

 Essential Start To My Day - Quiet time! Sometimes I just sit, sometimes I browse on my computer, and sometimes I have my devotions.  Whatever I do is quiet and doesn't involve talking.  

Favorite Color -Pink

Gold or Silver -A few months ago, I'd be all silver.  Now gold is growing on me.

 House or Apartment - House

Instruments Played -I love music.  In 5th grade I rocked the recorder.  Middle school was my trumpet days (Read 32-38 here).  And then came piano.

 Junk food -who needs anything else?

 Kids - Right now just Kendall.  Hopefully several more in the future! 

Live - Tennessee.  

 Married - Almost 5 years.  Michael is my best friend.  Hands down--the best five years of my life.  

 Never Again -????

Other Fun Fact - Words trigger songs in my head constantly.

Pet Peeve - Bad Manners!, guys with long finger nails, loud women

 Quote - ??????

 Righty or Lefty -  righty. 

Siblings - 1 older brother, 2 younger sisters

 Time You Wake Up - Ask Kendall...she decides this.

 University Attended - Tennessee Tech (off campus)

 Veggies You Dislike - green beans

What Makes You Run Late - Not much. I'm usually early.  Kendall has slowed me down some.

 X-Rays -????  I think I had some in 9th grade?

Yum Food - Chocolate of course.   And Cheese cake. 

 Zoo Animal Favorite - Remember the whole anti-animal thing?  If I had to pick one it would probably be monkeys. 


The Skinny on Staci said...

I can't believe you hate loud women but like ME. Must be because we communicate mostly through text and blogs. Lol This was cute. I don't care if you hate animals as long as you keep having these cute kids! :)

Karen Crabtree said...

You are so funny Steph!