Tuesday, June 9, 2009

All you've ever wanted to know!

Today is THE day. A great day. A celebrating day. Why, you ask. For two reasons. For two great reasons. For two celebrating reasons. Number one—it’s the first day of my summer break that I’ve haven’t had to go anywhere! I like being busy but some days I like just being at home.

And the biggest reason. Number two—this is my 100th post! *fireworks* *Hooray*
So in honor of this great day…here are 100 facts about me.

1. My Best friend: Hands down—Michael
2. Favorite Restaurant: Cracker Barrel
3. Favorite Scent: Vanilla
4. Occupation: Teacher
5. I’ll be teaching Second Grade this year.
6. Last year I taught Kindergarten.
7. The year before that Second grade.
8. The year before that Kindergarten.
9. The year before that Second grade.
10. Anyone sensing a pattern?
11. Most days I love my job.
12. Some days I question why I’m not a nurse instead.
13. Coolest place I’ve ever been: Meteora, Greece
14. My background on my laptop is a picture from there.
15. It’s been my background since I’ve had my laptop.
16. My picture is way better than the ones on the website.
17. It’s a great conversation piece.
18. Other countries I’ve been to: Kosovo (is it a country yet?), Macedonia, Greece, England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada.
19. I love traveling.
20. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother—all who adore me and want to be just like me!
21. I’m my mom’s favorite!
22. I love blogging.
23. I love getting comments on my blog, (hint, hint).
24. One time, I said on my hundred post I was gonna do a giveaway.
25. I lied—you’re getting this instead.
26. I’ve contemplated starting a teaching blog—I’m afraid no one would read it and I’d run out of ideas.
27. I love my simple Jetta.
28. Best thing about my Jetta—heated seats!
29. Musical talents….Ha!
30. I can’t sing. Kindergarteners think I’m awesome but the person beside me in the choir doesn’t think so.
31. Michael enjoys singing in the car with me until I start changing keys (come on, it all really sounds the same!)
32. I played the trumpet for 3 years in Middle school.
33. I really was awesome.
34. My neighbor wanted my sister to tell me not to practice outside while she was on her porch drinking coffee.
35. I would have practiced inside but mom wouldn’t let me.
36. This really hindered my talents. My neighbor drank a lot of coffee.
37. Mom finally hid the trumpet.
38. She still hasn’t gave it back.
39. I think she forgot where she hid it (she does that a lot).
40. I took several years of piano lessons.
41. I was allowed to keep my piano inside….nice change.
42. Can only play simple things. Never really developed this talent.
43. Favorite drink: Sweet tea from sonic.
44. Worse fear: Losing my husband
45. I love being a wife.
46. I love cooking for my husband. I love it more than he does most of the time.
47. I hate washing dishes.
48. I’ve never lived in a house with a dish washer.
49. I’ve never lived in a house with 2 bathrooms.
50. I’ve only lived in two houses.
51. I have 72 blogs that I’m subscribed to in google reader.
52. I’m a tab-alcoholic. At any given time I normally have a minimum of 5 tabs open in internet explorer.
53. I love to read.
54. I love reading to kids.
55. At times I feel like it’s the only time I have their attention.
56. I love the dollar tree.
57. I have a weird sense of humor.
58. I chuckle every time I think of my debit card plan but am to afraid to share it.
59. You’d think I’m weird.
60. Favorite moments: Quiet time with God, there’s nothing like it.
61. Pet Peeve 1: Loud Women….yuck!
62. Pet Peeve 2: Men with long finger nails…double yuck!!
63. I dislike rude people.
64. Buddy, I could care less if you get in front of me in the check-out lane. I have a deep satisfaction knowing I wasn’t rude jumping in front of someone!
65. It’s human nature—desire to be first…RUDE!
66. I love love my church!
67. I have a hard time making conversation with people I don’t know.
68. This is where #17 comes in handy.
69. J/K (refer to #56)
70. I love me some Hobby Lobby.
71. It ranks up there with the dollar store and Michael.
72. I’m sort of crafty.
73. Carly and I are working on some items to sell at a craft fair.
74. I hate green beans.
75. I love Mac and cheese.
76. I hate feet.
77. Except mine, they come in handy.
78. I love a clean house.
79. I hate cleaning.
80. Call before you come over, Please.
81. I love getting mail. Walking to the mailbox…good times!
82. I love getting emails.
83. Most of all I love blog comments…(can’t you take a hint, already?)
84. I like the beginning stages of scrapbook.
85. After 2 days I’m over scrapbooking.
86. Knock on wood…I’ve never had a speeding ticket.
87. Knock on wood…I’ve never been pulled over while I was drivers seat.
88. This brings me to my next point, if you saw Michael and I pulled over on the interstate the other day, he wasn’t speeding.
89. It was expired tags.
90. Only not on our vehicle. It was a jeep he was working on.
91. No ticket…just a warning.
92. Growing up I was in the club. Babysitter’s club that is.
93. I have read all the babysitters club books…Yep, I’m that cool.
94. My laptop was a gift from my aunt and uncle.
95. In the gift department, it only falls under my engagement ring.
96. It saw me through grad-school and many years of teaching.
97. I have the prettiest engagement ring and wedding band ever.
98. Wow, I’m almost to 100. This was easier than I thought.
99. I have the best husband ever!
100. I love my life.

Hope you enjoyed.


kim said...

Can't believe I read everything on
your list.(I really need to get a life.)Glad everything is going good!I don't like long fingernails
on men either,must be hereditary.
(not sure I spelled that right.)See
ya later.

Amber said...

This was a fun list!

We have A LOT in common!!!!!

Happy 100!!

Karen Crabtree said...

I enjoyed learning a little bit about you. You made me laugh!!
Take care,

Teresa said...

Looks like we have a few things in common, like 3,19,20, although it's 2 sisters and no brothers, 22,23,44,45 (most of the time),47, 53, 54,60, 61, 62, 63,66, 67, 72 just alot instead of sort of, 78,79,Gave up on 80 a long time ago, 81 forget it, too far, all I get is junk mail or bills, 82,83,84, 86 was two, one dismissed and one in Indiana. See there, we have a lot in common, and I was listening, I left you this comment!
Love ya,
Your favorite Aunt, Teresa NOT KIM

Rachel said...

Well, that was fun. See, I can take a hint.