Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kendall is 5 Months Old!

Kendall Paige, you are five months old! 

    You weigh 15 pounds. 

    You are eating around every four hours. When you wake up, you nurse and then eat cereal. At first you were horrible about swallowing your cereal. It took you a week or so to figure things out. Now you do so much better. You eat about 4 tablespoons, 3 times a day. 

    You are still sleeping through the night. You usually go to bed between 8 and 8:30 at night and you get up around 7 or 7:30. In the mornings you lay in your bed and talk talk talk until Momma or Daddy comes to gets you. And you are all over your crib! Some mornings you are completely sideways at the top of the crib. We are going to video you going to sleep pretty soon. It’s too cute. You will jibber jabber for 5 minutes, find your 2 favorite sucking fingers, throw your other arm over your eyes, and then you are out! 

    You are adjusted to a four hour schedule now. You eat and stay up for 2 hours, and then you sleep for 2 hours. You typically have 2 good 2 hour naps. Then your last evening nap is around 45 minutes.

      You still love sucking on your hands. And the slobber, oh my, the slobber! Mom has been keeping a look out for some teethers but nothing yet. 

     You are wearing size two diapers. You are in size 9 to 12 month clothes. 

     This month, you have figured out how to work those hands. You especially like teething toys because they are a little easier on the ole gums! 

     You rolled from your tummy to back at 9 weeks. You can almost roll from your back to your tummy. You get your legs and lower half completely turned. Your shoulders are holding you back a little. 

   Unfortunately, you have decided you are not a fan of the car.  :(  Short trips are ok, but the longer the trip and the sleepier you are, Watch Out!

      You are one laid back chicka (unless left in the car too long)! We can pretty much take you anywhere and you go with the flow. You have made adjusting to life with a baby pretty simple. Watching you grow and learn is amazing. 

     Our prayer with you each night is that God will save you at an early age, and you will always have a desire to serve him. We love you, baby!

 Watch you grow!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Look and Blog Lovin

I've been working on changing my blog up some.   What do you think?   I take criticism well.  :)  I can't decide if I like it or not.

Also,  I mentioned the other day about not sure what to use once google reader shuts down on Monday.  I've decided to go with Blog lovin.  If you need a blog reader check it out.  

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

Last Week's Cell Phone Pics

 Kendall and Poppy enjoying lunch.

 Kendall girl ready for church in Punky's favorite dress. 

 VBS Castle

 I made matching fourth of July shirts for Kendall and her friend Chloe.  Sent this to Aunt Jen to show her what it was gonna look like. Love me some pinterest!

 Laundry waiting to be put up.  My least favorite job.  I'd rather fold all day long then to put it up.

 Michael turned 30 on Tuesday!

 Bi-polar girl on the way home from our birthday dinner.  Honestly, this picture and the next were taken 5 secs apart.  She is moody moody moody when she gets sleepy!

 Loving her fingers!

 She finally started playing with toys this week...well, at list grasping them and trying to eat 'em. 

Monday we had our first road trip with Devin and Chloe.  I sent this to Michael to show him that we won't need a new car until we have baby # 4.  :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Thirty before Thirty Update

    It is offically crunch time.

    If you have been hanging around the blog for any amount of time, you might remember my thirty before thirty list.   I made a list of thirty things I'd like to accomplish before I turned 30.  Silly me even plopped it into my side bar so I'd be accountable.  (Boy, was I an over-achiever that day!)  I was reviewing the list today and realized how pathetic I am.  I'm not even half way there.  I have to be honest though, I'm not sure why I included some of the items.  I could think of more "worthy" things now.  Maybe they can go on my fifty before fifty list.  :)

    When I started the list I had around 3 years left.  I'm down to around three months.  Being honest, I think I might be changing it to fifteen before thirty....I'm such a loser.

   So my update....

1. Decorate every room in my house--This has been slow going.  I have plenty of ideas but am not willing to fork out all the money at once.  Finished rooms:  Kitchen, Dining room, Living room, guest bath.  Not finished:  Spare bedroom, master bed room, master bath, laundry room.  The nursery is sooo close to finish.  I hope to have a post up on it soon.

 2. Dye my hair--done (that's one)

 3. Become more disciplined in my devotional life--done (that's two)--staying at home helps me in this area so much!

 4. Find and keep a family doctor--I did have an appointment with a dr about 2 years ago...Not sure if that counts as keeping it.  

 5. Learn to use my camera on manual--kind of done (that's three)--I'm not a pro by any  means but am getting better.  The other day at Walgreens they asked for a copyright release on some pictures I took.  That made me feel good.

 6. Volunteer for some worthy organization--:(

 7. Stop drinking soft drinks--I was totally caffeine free while I was expecting.  Now I drink mostly water.  I do still love me a cold coke and sweet tea.

8. Lose 30 pounds.--:(  I can't do much with this right now while I'm nursing.

 9. Get in the best shape of my life-- :(

 10. Organize my recipes in one place--Maybe soon.

 11. Take an amazing Vacation--not happening

 12. Have a baby/or adopt :)--done (that's four).  I have had adoption on my heart for some time.  We'll see what happens in the future.

 13. Organize my birthday list and start sending cards--Slacker

 14. Can and freeze vegetable from our garden--We (as in Michael), have a small garden this year.  That's progress.

 15. Go Hunting with Michael--not so much

16. Take a road trip--nope

17. Organize my hard drive--maybe soon

 18. Order a custom painting for our house--no

 19. Write a children's book--not happening

 20. Submit a picture to I heart faces--not yet

 21. Clean out my car trunk--done(that's five)

 22. Make Little Girl Hair bows--I've played around with this a little but nothing to brag about

 23. Buy and Learn to use photo shop--It's been bought, and Michael knows how to use it...does that count?

 24. Photograph a Waterfall--done (that's six)

 25. Have a girls night out with friends--any takers?---obviously I have no friends.

26. Join a book club--nope

 27. Visit Biltmore--done (that's seven)

 28. really get dedicated with couponing--tried and stunk at it!

 29. Set a budget and live on it--shamefully no

30. re-design my blog--maybe soon.

That's all it's honest embarrassing glory!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Outtakes from our Father's Day Shoot:
Happy girl!  If mom only had the camera settings right!

Not so happy girl...and sadly her hum dum mood the entire photo shoot!

Sleepy girl!

Maybe my personal favorite!

    A bad editing job!  Trying to get my mom's moccasin foot out of the background. I obviously have no clue what I'm doing.  

 Sweet girl!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Last week's cell phone pics!

    Me and my girl camping...she never just snuggles like this anymore.  Girlfriend wants to be up where she can see the world.  She was so sweet this morning. 

     Under view  :)

 Dad and Kendall both wearing awesome headbands  :)

Kendall modeling the candy bar we made for the fathers at church.  :)

We were super busy last week but we had a great time!