Monday, June 3, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

    I need a catchy title and button for my weekly installment of cell phone pictures. Maybe I can work on that before next week.  :)   

     I also feel it necessary to let you know that I have a very basic cell phone.  No fancy smancy phones in the Jones household.  So my pictures aren't always the best.  


 Aunt Punky ate Sunday Lunch with us and Papaw yesterday. 

    Little girl was OUT of it after her 4 month shots.  I held her for the longest time and I let her sleep in her swing.  All the rules go out the window on shot day!  She slept most of the day and night too.  Cracks me up, that you can see her headband line.  :)

Meme bought her this styling hat....She wanted to wear it on Memorial Day but it's obviously a little too big.  :(  Don't worry, Meme has already replaced it with a smaller one.  

These are of last night from Punky's Phone.  They are a little better quality.  :)

And finally,  this video is of Kendall (As soon as I typed that I realized how obviously that was...everything on this blog is of Kendall these days....)  She is in her swing out in the hall way where she can watch me in the bathroom getting ready for church.  Little Girl has some moves!   And likes her a little Christian Bluegrass.   (Here's the link in case the video doesn't show up,)

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The Skinny on Staci said...

Your pictures ARE the best... cause they have K-girl in them! :) Look at her kick those legs! Wow! Lol