Monday, June 24, 2013

Last Week's Cell Phone Pics

 Kendall and Poppy enjoying lunch.

 Kendall girl ready for church in Punky's favorite dress. 

 VBS Castle

 I made matching fourth of July shirts for Kendall and her friend Chloe.  Sent this to Aunt Jen to show her what it was gonna look like. Love me some pinterest!

 Laundry waiting to be put up.  My least favorite job.  I'd rather fold all day long then to put it up.

 Michael turned 30 on Tuesday!

 Bi-polar girl on the way home from our birthday dinner.  Honestly, this picture and the next were taken 5 secs apart.  She is moody moody moody when she gets sleepy!

 Loving her fingers!

 She finally started playing with toys this week...well, at list grasping them and trying to eat 'em. 

Monday we had our first road trip with Devin and Chloe.  I sent this to Michael to show him that we won't need a new car until we have baby # 4.  :)


Punky said...

Hate that dress!! Don't have people thinking I approved that! :)

Debbie said...

I LOVE the dress and my little doll is beautiful in everything you put on her!!! Our little princess is not bi-polar or moody, she is a little lady, who like the rest of us, is entitled to change her mind!!! I am not sure who is cuter, her or Poppy!!!! Hugs and kisses to my baby doll!!!

The Skinny on Staci said...

Looks like Kendall is telling me PEACE when she's sucking her fingers. LOL I can't believe you had time to make 4th of July onesies in the midst of making VBS castles. My girls were THRILLED with their VBS classroom and said you are the "best" teacher ever. Gee, thanks, I'm normally their teacher. Haha So Punky really doesn't like that dress? I love it!!! lol