Friday, August 31, 2012

We are Preggo!


Cell Phone pic that we texted to friends to let them know.  

Thursday, August 30, 2012

How we told our families

 We are so excited to be expecting!   We couldn't wait to tell our families.  We went to my parent's house the same day as my first doctor's appointment, which was July 3.   I had to come up with a pretty elaborate story to explain why we were coming up on a random Tuesday, when we had just been up there that weekend.  My cover story went something to the extent that I needed to borrow mom's crock-pot for a cookout we were having on the 4th.   The story also involved me picking up a cookie cake for her that she could take to a 4th of July cook out the next day.  Here's the cookie I picked up. 

Mom looking at the cake trying to figure out how it was appropriate for the 4th of July.  

A few seconds later when she realized.  (Michael had been sitting at the table eating the hamburger.  He jumped up to get the camera when she came in to look at the cookie.  She had been doing laundry, thus the basket.)
When she called to tell my sister at work her side of the conversation went like this, "I'm having a baby!"

     Since the  4th was on a Wednesday this year, and Michael's dad pastors a church, we couldn't get down there until 2 days later on the fifth.  I made t-shirts for 4 of Michael's nieces and nephews.  I left Baby Titus out who was only a couple of weeks old. The girls' shirts said "I'm gonna be a cousin".  The boys' shirts said "I'm gonna dig my cousin."  I got that idea from a friend.  Michael did a great job sneaking the kids out to put on the shirts.  They ran in straight to Michael's mom.   It took a little explaining to her because she knew good and well that the kids didn't have  any cousins, Ha!  I'm kicking myself for not getting a closeup picture of the shirts.  Because these four rascals are hard to photograph!   
   My dad is working out of the country so he got an email asking him to call.  Kind of boring but the best I could do under the circumstances.   
   It was a lot of fun telling our families because they were all shocked.  Too cute!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Coming Soon

February 28th to be exact....

Ultrasound at 5 weeks and 5 days (not 10 weeks as it says)