Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kate is 3 Months Old!

Kate Alaina, you are three months old!

You have grown so much since last month!  You like to smile and coo at us.  You are a very easy calm baby now!  

We are still working out your schedule.  We've had a lot going on with Christmas, and Daddy working nights, we haven't quite got it all figured out yet.  During the day you are usually awake for an hour and a half.  And then nap for an hour or so.  Our goal is to really get a schedule down this month.  You like to be swaddled for rest and we also play a sound machine. 

   You are still a champion eater.  You have put on quite a bit of weight.    

You rolled over at 11 weeks from your stomach to your back.  You'll do anything to avoid tummy time :).  

You are wearing a size two diaper.  And I just bumped you up to a 6 months in your clothes.  

       You are still sleeping in Mom and Dad's room.  I finally convinced you to like the bassinet (it sleeps flat) although we still use the rock and play some (it holds your head up higher). 

     Daddy got out the jumperoo a few days ago.  You like it for a short time.  It's still a little hard to hold your head up for longer than 5 or 10 minutes.  Momma likes to think it's all the brains that you are toting around. 

   You will take a pacifier for short periods of time. 

   You are pretty consistent at sleeping through the night (and for that Momma thanks you!)  Some mornings you'll sleep as late as 7 but it's usually more like 6. 

You are the perfect baby to make us a family of four.  We love you so much!

Watch you grow


Monday, January 5, 2015

Kate's Baby Dedication

We had Kate's Baby Dedication last night at church. 

       We are so thankful that God has entrusted us with her little life.  It is a huge responsibility.    Our prayer is that she will always seek him first in her life. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Reading 2014

     I have always loved to read.  I remember getting grounded from reading as a kid (really mom, who does that?).  Reading is magical.  My favorite subject to teach in school was anything literacy based!

    As a kid I can remember reading being part of our nightly bedtime routine.  We didn't really spend the night with my nanny much at all.  I imagine there was like one or two occasions but I can still remember curling up to her as she read Brer Rabbit to my brother and I in bed.  My clearest memory of fifth grade?  After lunch everyday Mrs. Bredwell would read from a Goosebumps book.   The highlight of my reading existence was when my mom agreed to sign me up for the Babysitter's Club Reading Club.  Imagine my giddiness each month when 3 new books arrived in the mail.  I still remember the clear bag with the white snap handle that they came in.  I am still proud to say I read every book in the series (probably twice) and my daughters are also gonna be huge Babysitter's club fans, whether they want to or not!

    College was such a busy time for me.  Reading took a back seat and what I was reading was out of obligation to class and not for enjoyment!  It took every moment I had to keep up with classes, homework, and working lots of hours.

    But the love of reading is much like riding a bike.  It doesn't leave you!  I love reading all genres. 

Source Unknown

   I have high hopes that my kid's will also love reading.  Kendall and I read together everyday.  She likes to flip through books and "read" to herself.  Makes this Momma really happy!

    2014 was a huge reading year for me.  I've kept up with most of what I read on my pinterest board.   I read 96 books.  A chunk of these were read while I was bed rest.  When I ran out of physical books, I started buying "free" books to read on the IPad.  These were not always what would have been my top choices of reading material but they kept me busy and entertained none the less.  Since Kate got here, I've spent hours reading since I'm already confided nursing and pretty handicapped on what I can do during that time.

   My favorite book of the year was The Power of a Praying Parent By: Stormie Omartain--so good but convicting to me as a parent.  I borrowed this from a friend.  After reading it I asked for a hard copy for Christmas.   I need to read every year!

     I'll probably be more picky with my reading choices in 2015 because hopefully I won't have the luxury of spending 10 weeks on the couch and Kate's nursing is starting to slow down.  Some books that have been recommended to me or I've saw and want to read:

Here's to many happy reading hours in 2015.