Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kate is 3 Months Old!

Kate Alaina, you are three months old!

You have grown so much since last month!  You like to smile and coo at us.  You are a very easy calm baby now!  

We are still working out your schedule.  We've had a lot going on with Christmas, and Daddy working nights, we haven't quite got it all figured out yet.  During the day you are usually awake for an hour and a half.  And then nap for an hour or so.  Our goal is to really get a schedule down this month.  You like to be swaddled for rest and we also play a sound machine. 

   You are still a champion eater.  You have put on quite a bit of weight.    

You rolled over at 11 weeks from your stomach to your back.  You'll do anything to avoid tummy time :).  

You are wearing a size two diaper.  And I just bumped you up to a 6 months in your clothes.  

       You are still sleeping in Mom and Dad's room.  I finally convinced you to like the bassinet (it sleeps flat) although we still use the rock and play some (it holds your head up higher). 

     Daddy got out the jumperoo a few days ago.  You like it for a short time.  It's still a little hard to hold your head up for longer than 5 or 10 minutes.  Momma likes to think it's all the brains that you are toting around. 

   You will take a pacifier for short periods of time. 

   You are pretty consistent at sleeping through the night (and for that Momma thanks you!)  Some mornings you'll sleep as late as 7 but it's usually more like 6. 

You are the perfect baby to make us a family of four.  We love you so much!

Watch you grow



Tori Leslie said...

She's just adorable! Happy birthday Kate!

The Skinny on Staci said...

I hate to tell ya, but it may be cheeks instead of brains causing that issue! Lol She is soooo cute!! Very squeezable. :)

Peggy said...

Pretty, sweet baby.

Scott and Kristan said...

Aww she is gorgeous!!