Friday, May 22, 2015

Kate is 7 Months Old

Kate Alaina, You are seven months old.

Your six month check up was a few months ago.  At it you weighed 18 lbs and 2 oz (>75%), your length was 26 inches (25%), and your head circumference was 17 1/2 inches (>90%).

Although you've gotten a lot better, you still haven't totally got eating with a spoon.  So far we've tried rice and oatmeal cereal, banana, and carrots.  

Still no sign of any teeth.

You are getting stronger and can set up for a few minutes at a time. 

You are not the best sleeper ever but Momma is thankful that you are not a horrible sleeper either.  You will take a couple of naps during the day.  You go to bed for the night around 7PM.  And are up for the day at 7AM.  You wake up a couple of times during the night wanting to nurse.  We're going to start working on breaking that habit and get you closer to sleeping through the night.

You are still wearing size 2 shoes, size 3 diapers, and size 12 month clothes.  Your sleepers are starting to get pretty snug.  We may have to move you up to 18 months soon.

You are getting pretty attached to your pacifier.  You will put it in your own mouth now.

You are such a blessing to our family.  I couldn't imagine our life without our little Kate Alaina.  We love you so much, baby girl.  

Friday, May 1, 2015

May Goals

   Boy did I fall off the Goal Bandwagon.  My March Goals were such a flop that I didn't even attempt any goals for's that for ambition?  I really do like writing and posting Monthly goals.  It makes me feel accountable and I get more accomplished.  If I'm not purposeful my daily accomplishments are  just feeding, dressing, and changing diapers. 
    May will be a busy month.  We'll have revival at church.  I'm very excited about revival because my heart is in desperate need of reviving!  But that adds more laundry, ironing, and preparing to my schedule.  Also Mother's day will be busy making sure to spend time with our moms, buying and prepping gifts for our Church's mother's day, and prepping cute lil crafts for my Sunday School kiddos.  I'm being ambitious with 10 goals for the month!

    Instead of reviewing the one March Goal that I accomplished...I'm jumping straight into my May goals. 

1.  Spring Cleaning--since I recently did major cleaning there's only a few deep cleaning things I want to do.   

2.  Read to Kendall Everyday--I do this almost everyday but miss some...I want to be more intentional with it.  

3.  Work on Quiet Book--Notice I didn't say finish this time :)

4.   Attempt Potty Training again--She wasn't ready in February..Will May be our month?

5.  Be a blessing to 3 people (My overall goal for the year).  I like picking out people I'm not especially close to.

6.  Kendall's Room--It's time!

7.  Daily Devotions--notice I didn't say quiet time....not much quiet around here!

8.  Take the girls' pictures...this is the month!

9.  Photoshop's still waiting in my inbox...notice the misspelled word...cooperate.  Fun fact:  I can't spell.  :)

10.  Exercise 5 times a week.

Here's to a productive month!