Sunday, March 23, 2014

Being Promoted

This little girl can't wait until October 28th when she's being promoted to Big Sister!

So Blessed.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The newest additions...

To say our family is excited would be an understatement.  We have 2 new blessings to thank God for.  Meet...

 Corbin Isaiah 


 Cooper Alan

    My brother Josh and sister-in-law Misty have been married for almost 12 years.  After waiting for a long time, they have custody of these two angels.  Lord willing, they will be adopting them.  

    The boys were born at 34 weeks and are still in the NICU but are doing great considering.

During my visit, I got to change Cooper and try to feed him. 

We are so excited and can't wait to see where God leads.  We have been blessed!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

13 Months+

     First things first, if I was gonna to announce a pregnancy on here, I would just flat out tell ya and not hint around about it. I didn't realize my comment on Sunday's post could sound like that until Michael read it and Staci commented.  God is doing some amazing things in some of my family's lives.  I'm just trying to be respectful of them and wait to blab about it until it's all official!  


    Today was such a beautiful day that I had to get Kendall outside and snap some pictures.  She's at a hard age to get good pictures!  But I thought I might as well post a Kendall update since I took some.   

 My favorite cheesy grin...eating spaghetti thus shirtless!

      It's hard to believe our baby girl is over 13 months old.  I am loving this age.  She is so fun and FULL of life.  Most of her stats from her 12 month post are the same.  She's wearing mostly 18 month clothes with some 24 months.  Size 3 shoes and diapers.  She still has 8 teeth.  She's also still a terrific sleeper and takes 2 naps a day. 

    We did say goodbye to bottles over the last month.  She was super easy to wean.  Girl likes eating solid food just as well! For Breakfast she eats usually 2 of the following things: egg, banana, 1/2 yougurt, blueberry waffle (plain), or muffin.  Lunch is typically left overs from the previous day.  For supper she pretty much eats whatever Michael and I eats.  I haven't found anything she won't eat. 

     We've also got her to take a couple of steps between Michael and myself, but I think it'll be awhile yet before she walks.  And this momma is in no hurry.

    She says da-da, hey-ya, and bye-bye.  She shakes her head for no-no.  She understands come here, and will crawl to you.  

   We have been blessed.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Still Kicking

Several people have been harassing me about not blogging...honestly I've just haven't been in a blogging mood.  Some amazing things are happening in our family right now, and I can't wait until I am able to share!  They are getting me excited about blogging! 

 My goal is to get my camera out some this week and get some pics of my princess girl, because we all know that she's the real star of this show!  So hopefully I'll be back some in the next few weeks!

 The girl enjoying a wagon ride on a chilly afternoon.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oh no, the big 3-0!

A week ago my BF had a big birthday.  I won't mention how old she is :)  We were able to get together for a little party. 

Beautiful background...sleepy girl won't smile!

I have been friends with these girls for a long long time.  They are the best kinds of friends because we can go weeks without talking but then pick back up where we left off.

Happy Birthday, Jec.