Monday, February 23, 2015

Lions and Tigers and Bears

   A few weeks back we were able to take the girls to the zoo for the first time.  It was a beautiful day but a little windy.  All my pictures ended up being mostly of Michael and Kendall because he was corralling her while I took care of Kate.  We kept her mostly in her car seat bundled up since it was chilly.  And I didn't get the family picture I was hoping for either.  But we did have a great day.  Family days are always my favorite! 

   Large elephant rump in the back ground  :)  

 Notice her 2 strands of necklaces?  Girlfriend loves her some bling!

Just to prove Kate was there also.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kate is 4 months old

I had this post ready on Monday but our power went out and didn't come back on until late last night. 

       Happy 4 month birthday my precious Kate Alaina! 

     You are the best baby. Unless you are sleepy, you are pretty content. And so sweet! And you are kind of attached to your momma.

    At your doctor's appointment you weighed 15 lbs 13.5 oz. (>75%).  Your length was 24 3/4 inces (>50%), and your head circumference was 16 1/4 (75%).   

    The doctor gave us the go ahead to start cereal when we want.  Momma is not in any big hurry though.  

     Your schedule is the same as last month.  During the day you are awake for an hour and a half, then you sleep for about an hour.  I have still been swaddling you but you break out of it pretty easy and pretty quick so we'll probably be retiring that soon.

    You are wearing size two diapers and 9 month clothes.  


    You are still in Mom and Dad's room to sleep. We are working on getting sister's new room together so you can move into the nursery soon.  

    You have started playing with toys.  Playing as in gripping and chewing on them.  :)

    You had a cold this past month and started waking up during the night again.  You are slowly starting to wake up later and later.  We are back to a feeding at 6:30.  Momma will take that any day over 4:30AM.

   You have started watching and laughing at Kendall.  It is so sweet to see the two of you interact now.  You are all about one another.  
  You have started laughing at us this month.  It is the sweetest sound ever.

   We thank God daily for the privilege to be your parents.  We love you!

My computer is acting up so I'll have to come back later and add a comparison collage.  


Thursday, February 12, 2015

On my mind

    I've been wanting to write a blog post all week but we are having an extremely busy week.   Then I found myself up extra early this morning and both girls are sleeping so I thought I'd make time to squeeze in a post.  Kate has her 4 month appointment in a few hours so I'll still have to make it quick because I'll need to be ready to leave for that.

    There are several random things shooting through my mind.  Mostly small little thoughts and not enough content for a coherent I thought I'd bullet point them into 1 post.

  • Kate turned 4 months old yesterday.  I say this every month but time is flying.  I hope to have her monthly post up later this week.  They take so much time but I love having it to look back on.  I still go back and read Kendall's.  And I'm not going to be "one of those moms" who slacks on kid #2.  Only I guess I'm already slacking because it's already late.  
  • We bought a "new to us" vehicle earlier this week.  Michael started looking for one shortly after I found I was expecting.  That's been almost a whole year ago now.  I love that he is not quick to jump into major decisions especially with financial things.  (One of his many qualities that I love, but that's a whole 'nother post in itself).  There were certain things we were really hoping to find (SUV, 3rd row seat, etc.) but had a pretty low price range since we were hoping not to acquire a car payment.  We had talked recently that we'd probably just need to bite the dust and get something nicer and deal with the payment.  My Jetta was getting pretty crowded with two car seats.  Then Sunday Night he saw this car listed, we looked at it Monday evening and bought it immediately.  It has more miles then we were originally hoping for but the price was excellent and it's in excellent condition.   I love it even more because I feel like it's the car God wanted us to have.  Michael had been driving all over looking at vehicles and this one ended up being right down the road from us.  I love when God works out all the small details.  He's so good.
  • I felt a little silly posting my February Goals.  I am so glad I did.  I can't tell you how many times I've thought I need to work on this or that because I'm going to have to blog about it at the end of the month.  Accountability is my friend.  I've checked off a few items already and have a good start on most of the rest of them.
  • I've had the blessings and responsibilities of technology on my mind a lot recently.   It's amazing where we are today.  We recently got smart phones, I love being able to look something up anywhere.  While that is a blessing the responsibility is great too.  I find myself comfortable being more snappy in dealings online, hey, they will never see or meet me.  Just this week I had to go back and apologize for something I said in text.  I didn't mean it sound the way it sounded but forget that in text the other person can't hear my intonation or see my facial expressions.  Just on my mind that I need to watch for these things and guard against being unchristian-like through them. Sometimes I wish I had been born back in the "Laura Ingalls" days but then I remember my love for reading blogs. 
I like sharing my mind at times.  Although that can be dangerous letting people in on my crazy thoughts! I just may have to come back and do this again.  Now I'm off to wake two sleepy girls and drag them out into the cold....

Monday, February 9, 2015

Kendall's Photo Book

    Like last year I made Kendall a photo book for the past year.  Hopefully you can view it below.  


Her one year photo book can be found here.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Kendall is two!


Kendall Paige, You are two years old.  Where does time go?  It seems to be moving at lightening speed around our house!  Seems like only yesterday the nurse was trying to talk us out of leaving the hospital (it was snowing) but we were ready to get you home! 

   At the Doctor's office on Monday you weighed 27 lbs.  Your two year appointment is scheduled for a few weeks away.  We'll know more of your stats then.

   It seems that your talking is taking off more everyday.  You talk in mostly phrases and sentences now.  I love hearing you talk.  Sometimes it takes a minute to figure out what you are saying. 

You still love your blankie and sucking your two fingers.  Since your last update we've lost 2 blankies.  Both at Wal-mart...that place eats blankies!  We're on blankie #3 with a spare in the closet.

You have grown a lot since 18 months.  Then you were wearing size 24 months and 2T's, size 4 diapers (size 5 night time diapers), and size 4 shoes.  Now you are wearing mostly 3T's, size 5 diapers (size 6 night time diapers), and your shoes are size 6 and 7's.  Potty training is in your near future.  Momma loved washing and folding your tiny panties yesterday.  Dad's excited about not having to buy you diapers anymore.  Hopefully you will take off on pottying.  

   You have so many new toys from Christmas and your Birthday.  It would be hard to say what are your favorites.  You love pocket books, necklaces, and babies. I love that you are a girly girl!

    We like to have you stay in the church services with us.  You are getting to where you can make it through the services.  You are pretty quiet and we're working on the sitting still.  You seem to do better when sitting with dad than mom.  Training you to sit in church has been exhausting!!!!

     The other day you got a tooth brush from the dollar tree.  You love that thing.  It was an added bonus that it came in a zipper pouch.  After a day of carrying it around EVERYWHERE you couldn't find it.  So you turned to dad and said, "Da-da, where'd brush teeth go?"  I love your cute ways of expressing yourself!

     Your little life has been such a blessing to us. You can be a handful and stubborn but you can also be sweet and a perfect delight.  We're love all your quirks.  Some days I could "string you up" but those days are worth it.  Our prayer for you is that you will be saved at an early age, and that you will always love and want to serve God.  You are special to him.


We love you, Kendall Paige!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Kendall's Birthday

    Kendall turned 2 on January 31st.  I've decided I'm only going to do a big party every other year.  This year we spent the day as a family doing some things we knew she'd enjoy.  Then later that evening we had cake and ice cream with our immediate family. 

   We started the day off at the mall.  Kendall loves loves the silly little train they drive around.   She hasn't rode it before because I usually have both girls by myself.  Daddy was kind enough to ride with her.  :)

    Next we headed to Chuck E Cheese.  Y'all, Chuck E Cheese is a mad house!  I guess it was worse because we went on a Saturday at Lunch time.   It was hard to even find a table.  They have the big playground of tubes and slides but we didn't let her go up that.  We were afraid that she'd get scared or bullied or whatever.  And momma and daddy were not going up after her!  Michael said next time we'll have to take our Garrett friends with us. 

    She did LOVE riding all the little rides!

 To prove Kate was there also.  

 I'm not sure how this doesn't qualify as a party.  Maybe I need to say that every other year is going to be small and easy.  Kendall loves the PBS show Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood so I went with that theme.  Since it was right at Supper time we ordered pizza.  I got a store bought cake and Michael "had to have" platters (veggie, fruit & cheese).   I threw up a few simple decorations and called it done.  It was a stress free non-party party. 

 She loved having Happy Birthday sang to her and "sang" along.  Her hat was courtesy of Poppy.  

 Playing makeup with Uncle Steve.

 Playing under the table with Uncle Steve.  

We honestly had the best day.  I still can't believe that she's 2!  I still plan on doing a 2 year post later this week.  
Happy Birthday, Big Girl!