Monday, June 29, 2009


The Lord gave Michael and I a wonderful day together on Saturday. I love simple days where we are not rushed and can enjoy time together. We started off the day in Knoxville. While he took a test at the testing center, I drove to Turkey Creek and visited Old Navy and the Dollar Tree. (He passed the test. I have an incredibly smart husband!)
After he was finished we ate lunch then headed to the Sweetwater flea market. He promised to buy me something....and he did....playing cards for school. Maybe we went on a bad day but we felt like it was 90% junk being sold. He did buy two cd's (that I'll be stealing later).
After that we drove to the Ocoee river. It was a lot of fun. We didn't tube, just watched...and let me tell you it was awesome.

Fun fact: They had the 1996 Whitewater Olympics here. It was neat seeing all the flags and how beautiful the area was set up.

It was kind of major when the rafts flipped.

You can see the man on the bank throwing a rope to the ones stuck in the rapids.

I'm so ready to do this now.

Here's Michael pulling the victims from the water. Ok...not really but that would have made a great story!

These guys were pretty cool! They'd get out in the rough spots and do awesome tricks like flips and the such!

This was our notice saying to go pay $3.00 or receive a $75.00 fine in the mail. We missed the whole paying to park signs.
After that we drove to Cleveland and met Michael's Parents and Steve for dinner, then went to their house to visit for awhile. I didn't get any pictures there...sorry.
It ended up being a loooonng day but it was still perfect!


Amber said...


And those river goodness. SCEERY.

And your parking ticket. I am only giggling because it has happened to me. Too many times.

Peggy said...

I love simple, sweet, together days like that, too! Fun!