Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Never Say Never

   Raising kids was so much easier before we had one!  I had it all figured out until Kendall came not so much.  
    In college I had to write my philosophy of Education...What I thought was important in the process of learning.  My instructor cautioned us that our philosophy would always be changing and developing.   I'm figuring the same is true in parenting.  I've made a list of some of my changing philosophies....this is deep, people....

Kids in Momma's bed--
              Then--I swore our kids would never ever sleep with us.  
               Parents who do, lack discipline.
               Now--My favorite thing in the world is snuggling       
                        Kendall girl in bed.  Michael probably likes it            
                        more than I do.  And before I get the 
                        smushing-the-baby-in-our-sleep hardly 
                        ever happens.  Just saying I like it when it does.   
                        Pretty sure I won't like it when she's fifteen  

Spit Shine--Need I say more?
              Now--Is that a smudge on her cheek?

Kid with Boogies in their noses...
              Then--Someone should report those parents to DCS.
                Now--What's one little boogie gonna hurt?  She's 
                happy and it's time for sense in ticking her off
                with the booger sucker!   The way I figure it's 
                counterproductive.  The screaming fit that is induced by  
                the sucker only makes more boogers.  I'll just keep the 
                ones we already have! 

Kids with long fingernails--
              Then:  Yucky Yuck
               Now:  Those nails are so teny tiny and these clippers are 
               so big.  I'm pretty sure she'll need all ten fingers to play 
               Beethoven and write her great novel.  We'll cut them later!



The Skinny on Staci said...

I have two friends that I have had to APOLOGIZE TO since becoming a parent. They had kids, I didn't. I constantly let them know their 3 year old shouldn't be in diapers (which mine never were, I will say, ha), they needed a diaper change, their face was dirty, they talk too babyish to their kid, etc. I was the PERFECT mother... when I wasn't yet a mother. Now my kid falls and cries and I don't even check on them because if there's no blood they just need to get over it,don't want to raise a cry baby. Here, wear this dress with stains on it to the restaurant because we're not made of money. I yell at my kids, they get on my nerves, I throw away some of their art. REALITY SET IN! LOL All our babies ended up in our bed for middle-of-the-night feedings. Our little boy, 4, still ends up between us every night around 2 am. I am spit queen. What's bad is when you get so accustomed to it that you reach over and do it to your husband's cheek and he gives you a fiery look because "My grandma used to do that to me! Don't do that to me!" Haha Kids change EVERYTHING. And they do get on my nerves, like I said, but I adore them and wouldn't trade a one of them in... most days. :)

The Skinny on Staci said...

PS - Carley took one look at today's post and hollered at me in another room..."HEY!!! She didn't put any pictures on this one!" Hahaha

Stephanie said...

You didn't mentioned nose must be guilty! :)