Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thirty Before Thirty

I am a list kind of girl. It's how I get anything done at school. I start every work day by making a new list of things to get done that day. Occasionally if I do something that's not on my list, I go back and write it in just to have the joy of marking it off. My daily list keeps me on track and busy. And at the end of the day I feel like I've really accomplished something.

I have less than three years before I hit the big THREE-OH. Yikes! I've seen on several blogs lists of thirty things to accomplish before that person turns thirty. Sounds right up my we go:

1. Decorate every room in my house

2. Dye my hair

3. Become more disciplined in my devotional life

4. Find and keep a family doctor

5. Learn to use my camera on manual

6. Volunteer for some worthy organization

7. Stop drinking soft drinks

8. Lose 30 pounds

9. Get in the best shape of my life

10. Organize my recipes in one place

11. Take an amazing Vacation

12. Have a baby/or adopt :)

13. Organize my birthday list and start sending cards

14. Can and freeze vegetable from our garden

15. Go Hunting with Michael

16. Take a road trip

17. Organize my hard drive

18. Order a custom painting for our house

19. Write a children's book

20. Submit a picture to I heart faces

21. Clean out my car trunk

22. Make Little Girl Hair bows

23. Buy and Learn to use photo shop

24. Photograph a Waterfall

25. Have a girls night out with friends--any takers?

26. Join a book club

27. Visit Biltmore

28. really get dedicated with couponing

29. Set a budget and live on it
30. re-design my blog

I'm pretty satisfied with my list.


Your Lonely Mother said...

OK, I'm all for lists, after all you know how I feel about organization!!!! BUT....Your PRIORITIES ARE ALL WRONG!!!!! #12 should be #1-#30!!!! Reasons for re-prioritising your list are as follows...#1. I am not nearing the time to make my turning thirty lists. #2. I don't know how long I've got.(written to provoke sympathy) #3. Because of your neglect I am unable to ful-fill the work I feel the Lord has called me to do BEING THE BEST GRANNA EVER!!!! #3. I need a grandbaby while I can still find Chucky Cheese. #4. I need a grandbaby while I still remember who Chucky Cheese is. #5. I'm tired of spending all my money on Punky!!! #6. I don't know how long I've got. (written to hopefully induce guilt) #7. Teresa already has 10 and I have 0 which makes you look bad. #8. Teresa made me go to Toys R' Us with her Friday. She had a ball buying for her grandkids and I just stood there in isle 3 sobbing like a baby!!!! #9. I have no reason to go shopping on black Friday and fight over saving two dollars on the hottest new toy. #10. I don't know how long I've got. (written so you will understand this is a time sensitive matter!!!!)

Teresa said...

Your mom is right! You do need to reprioritize that list. She's gonna waste away to nothing if she doesn't get that grandbaby soon! You should have seen her in Toys-R-Us. Pitiful, just pitiful! She really needs to know the joy of being a grandma and all that entails, after all, she doesn't know how long she has! (sympathy ploy, again) I've tried loaning her some of mine, but it's just not the same! And we all know, Punky gets way to much money spent on her, she's gonna be spoilt rotten (sorry Punk, every one has to make sacrifices to get your momma that grandbaby). So please, Steph, give some serious consideration to redoing that list, so your momma can join the best club on earth, the Free Babysitting, oops I mean the Grandma Club!

Love ya,
Your "never knows a lonely moment" Aunt Teresa