Saturday, September 11, 2010

Totally Random Update

Things at the Jones home are going great.  I have been avoiding blogging simply because the r and y on my keyboard are not working.   So without a bunch of copying and pasting the above sentence looks like this: I have been avoiding blogging simpl because the  and   on m keboad ae not woking.     Good times!

School is going good.  Just super busy! Our report cards have majorly changed which is a good thing but way more time consuming.  It's really put me behind on some school things. 

Michael has got to stay on days though several of his night rotations.  It has been huge blessing! He was suppose to start on nights again Monday but it looks like he'll be on days a little while longer!

He gave me an early birthday present a few days ago.

I'm loving my new Nikon D3000! 

I got some great family pictures on Labor day which I'll post later. 

And Finally our daily visitors.



Mandy's Memories said...

great pics! Happy early birthday

Karen Crabtree said...

I love you have a camera!! You know how I take pictures. The deer pictures are great. You really got a great camera to take pictures with. A wonderful gift!!
You have to take alot to get that one picture you want. I love it!!!
Sorry, I must have missed your birthday!!
Love you,
Karen & family