Monday, April 18, 2016

Our Weekend

Thursday Morning Games in Pajamas...

Friday, Pawpaw and mawmaw came up to visit.  Kendall was explaining to pawpaw how to play catch.  Good thing he has her around!

Saturday we went to our friends Devin Birthday party.  I didn't get any pictures with the birthday boy.  The girls love their Jen.  Probably because she does a lot of spoiling! 

My brother was even able to be there.  That's rare because of his work schedule.  

And Sunday was church, lunch, ring around the rosie, naps, and church again.  

Kendall was enjoying her grapes papaw sent her.  

That sums up our fast and furious weekend.  


The Skinny on Staci said...

Look at Kendall's hair all put up! So cute! Haha Too funny. I'm sure Bro. Jones had no clue at all how to play catch. :) Love how he looks intently, like he's really trying to grasp it, and if I know him he was asking her questions just to be sure he understood. Lol

Peggy said...

It is truly a blessing....and so refreshing to see a family whose priority is church....serving the Lord! More and more I see so called Christians who rarely go to church...who flaunt their sin. But for the grace of God.....I'm so thankful for the leader of our home...been stedfast all these years! To GOD be the glory!