Monday, April 4, 2016

Our weekend

We had a fun family and faith weekend. 

 Meme and Pop were spending a long weekend in Pigeon Forge so late Friday morning we decided to crash their party.  It was a totally spontaneous decision but a lot of fun.  

We started off with a yummy meal at the Old Mill Restaurant.  Then headed on to a kiddie ride area.  These are all cell phone pictures so they are not the best quality. 

You may have noticed a common look on Kate's face...somewhere between misery and don't care.  

Other than the kiddie rides and slide she had a good time.  

After our fill of kiddie rides and go carts, we moved on to the Alpine coaster.  It was pretty crowded so Pop and Kendall were the only ones to brave the wait.   And it was well worth it from her point view. 

After some outlet shopping, and supper we headed home.  

Saturday we worked around the house; plowing the garden, mowing, cleaning, playing, grocery shopping, etc.  I'll let you guess who was doing what...haha.

Kendall came and got me at one point because she wanted me to take her picture outside.  

Red bow/ pink coat...who cares.  

  And then Sunday was spent at church.   
 And on the couch playing on the ipad waiting to leave for church...I felt like I should explain the girls are not playing the Ipad at church. 

It was a good weekend.  Easter pics up next...


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