Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kendall Quotes

I need to do a better job documenting all the funny things Kendall says on a daily basis.  Here some of my favorite ones from recently:
  • I had got her ready for bed one evening but she still needed to hug and kiss daddy, who was outside working in his shop.  We opened the back door and I started to holler at him.  "No" she said, "I whistle with my fingers."  She proceeded to put her fingers in her mouth and make a loud screeching sound until Michael heard and come out. 
  • It was last day.  (yesterday)
  •  Michael: "Oh no, you have ink on your finger.  We'll have to cut your hand off."
       Kendall: "No, cause then I can't hold hands when we walk 
       across the road and I get hit by a car." 

  • "Dadda, I just texted someone on your phone." 
  •  "Ive got to work on my church stuff."  (Michael spends a lot of time working on church treasury stuff).
  • After a long discussion with her dad over which is better: Walmart or Krogers..."Dadda, why you not obey me?"  (Michael is pro Krogers...Kendall loves her some Walmart.  This argument can get very intense, haha).  


Debbie said...

Nothing makes my Heart Smile more than my GRAND babies!!! Love them sooooo much!

The Skinny on Staci said...

I love the cute things kids say. :) Tucker STILL doesn't call it yesterday!!! He'll even say (for yesterday) the day before tomorrow???? Lol