Saturday, November 30, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Traditions Series

      I love Christmas!  It's hands down my favorite holiday.  I want my kids to enjoy it as much as I do.  And while we will be doing tons of fun and silly things, I want it to be a time we focus on the Savior!  With this being Kendall's First Christmas, I'm so excited to start family traditions! 

    Tomorrow I'm starting a fun new series that I'm super excited about!

    Everyday (I hope) until Christmas I'll be posting a idea for a tradition I'd like to do in the Jones' household.  Some of them Kendall will not be big enough for just yet.  I'll just mention the idea of something I want to do later on.   If it's something we can do now, I'll include our pictures of it. 

   Maybe someone else can find inspiration from these posts.  If not, it may just be fun taking a glimpse into our Christmas festivities. 

   I hope to still post a few posts about our everyday life here and there.  (Like our 10 month post, should go up today, fingers crossed).  This should be my busiest blog month yet :).  

    One last thing, I'm gonna try super hard not to be guilty of making the holidays too busy.   This one is hard for me.  :)

See you tomorrow! 

To see all my ideas click here.  

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The Skinny on Staci said...

Sounds like a fun post series to come. :) I'm not noticing that 10-month post. Ahem. Lol