Friday, November 8, 2013

I like her better than I thought I would

I have a confession to make..and it may make you like me less than you did before...I'm not a huge baby fan.  Saying it out loud Typing it out loud makes me feel like a horrible a person.   I have never been a baby person...there has to be a 12 step program for losers like me! 

Before you unfollow my blog, let me say, I love kids.  Hello, I was a teacher.  :) 

Something happened a few years back and I wanted a baby of my own so bad.  But not for the baby part.  I wanted what the baby would become.  I wanted a kid...I wanted a kid so bad, I was willing to tolerate the baby part.  Everyone says that stage flies by...surely I could make it through.

Then came Kendall.  Nothing has been the same since.  Am I a baby fan now?  I'm not sure, But I'm a big Kendall fan.   And a big Jones' baby fan.   If finances and age weren't a problem, I'd have at least 12 Jones' babies!  I guess it's because my babies are so much superior to yours.  Just kidding, kind of.

I have loved every second of her life, well if you subtract a couple of the fits we've already seen :).  I know I am beyond blessed to have her.  So many people would give anything to have a baby.  I loved her as a newborn when she was so soft, cuddly, and innocent.  I loved her as a little baby, as she started to smile, and roll over.  I love her now as a slightly bigger baby.  As she is starting to crawl, pull up, and get into EVERYTHING!

The point to this post?  There isn't one.  Unless you count the fact that I'm head over hills in love with my daughter, even if she is a baby.

I've been told that you love each stage better & better.  I partly hope that's not true..I'm not sure I'll be able to handle much more love!


The Skinny on Staci said...

I love your admission. I feel dumb because I used to LOVE babies... couldn't get enough of them! Then I had my own and LOVED them. Now... I don't like other people's babies much. I mean, I love to look at them and play with them and make them laugh. But I don't enjoy holding them much. I like holding a newborn still, but past that I'm like eh, no thanks. Notice I didn't really even hold Kendall much at all? Haha Glad you love your baby. It just works SOOOO much better that way. Hehe

Debbie said...

I have always known you were not much of a "baby person"!!! But it has thrilled my heart watching you with our little doll!!! Your an even better Mother than I thought you would be!!! Just know that when your looking at that precious little girl and your heart is swelling over that it never changes!!! Even when she is thirty and a Mither herself you will still be loving that "stage"!!!

Tammy said...

It's okay, Stephanie, not everyone is a baby person! ;) But, isn't just amazing the love that the Lord puts in a mother's heart for her little baby? There's nothing like it. You are a great mother and I just love reading all your posts.

Willie said...

You just haven't been here before. You are a great mommy. Every stage is great. People used to say to me "just wait til the teen years". Well those were great too. The hardest stage is when they are all grown up and go their own way. It is so hard to focus on them for 20 years day and night and they are gone. Wow. But then we have the grandbabies. We probably wouldn't survive the empty nest at our house except for visits occasionally or a picture via text (Kendall). Babies and children make life so fun and bring joy into the room. I feel so blessed to be the mother of "our" three.