Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October Camping Trip Part One

We were thrilled that we were able to take a fall camping trip.  We went Monday-Friday of last week. This time we went to Pigeon Forge.

 We stayed at Up the Creek Campground...which was too cute. We had the best time! This will be picture overload, so I will divide it into 2 posts.
 Beautiful Fall colors!

 We loved how much room we had behind the camper and the cute lil creek.  

Silly Momma forgot to bring a blanket to the photo shoot.  It was a fight the whole time keeping leaves out of this cutie's mouth!

    About 2 minutes after we picked her up, she got choked.  It was hands down the most scared that I have ever been!  I ended up with my fingers down her throat, and she threw up, then all was well again.   All we can figure is that she managed to get a leaf in her mouth we didn't catch.   Lesson learned!

Stay tuned for part 2.... 


Dana said...

Love all the pictures!

The Skinny on Staci said...

Whew, scary stuff! One of mine was choking on something once... can't remember what now. TERRIFYING to have your baby IN your arms choking and not knowing if you can help or not. Ughhhh. Way to gag her, Mom! :) Love the pictures. All of them are wonderful!