Monday, December 2, 2013

Kendall is 10 Months Old!

 Kendall Paige, You are ten months old!

At your check up a few weeks ago, you weighed 18 lbs 5 oz (25-50%), you were 27 3/4 ins long (50%), and your head circumference was 18.3 in (95%).

Your sixth tooth is coming through on the top.  Momma loves your toothy grin!  

Just this past week, you started crawling on your hands and knees.  At times you still resort back to your army crawling.  

You are a pro at pulling up now.  You think you are big stuff!  You are falling less and less, but when you do you usually conk your head on the floor, owwwie!  You like to pull up on one end of the couch and “walk” down to the other end.  

When Momma and Daddy were teenagers, there was a popular slogan “No Fear”.  They wrote that about you!  You are not scared of anything!...diving off the couch, climbing on the bottom ledge of the sofa table, etc. etc.  There may be many ER visits in your future if you keep this up!

 One of her favorite books.  Thank you Dolly for the Imagination Library!

For 9 months, you were the BEST sleeper ever.  This month you’ve fought it more with your newly discovered trick of pulling up.  You like to stand up in the crib.  For a few days we’d watch you drift off while standing, with your head laid on the crib railing.  One day you cried for 2 hours while standing and dozing off.  CRAZY!  We have finally started making you lie down, and things are getting a little better.  

You are sleeping 12 to 13 hours a night and we have cut back to 2 naps.  Usually you will take a morning nap at 10 and an afternoon nap around 3.  It’s a lot easier to take you out and about now because you are not tired ( & grumpy) as often!   

All your clothes sizes are the same.  12 month sleepers, 18 month dresses, size 3 diapers, and size 2 shoes.  Your sleepers are getting a little shorter along with some of your dresses.  

You are busy 110% of the time!  And into everything.

You still love to eat!  And we are still slowly introducing table foods.  You typically eat three small meals a day with a few snacks in-between meals.   You also take 3 bottles a day. 

Life with you is great, and Momma and Daddy wouldn’t have it any other way!
Over exposed?  Yes, but I still love it, crusty nose and all!

    Sidenote:  I guess it was noticed that her 10 month post didn’t go up on Saturday.  Kendall got to go visit (for the first time by herself) her Mimi and Poppy.  Yesterday was crazy busy with Church and play practice.  Today it’s rainy and cold so we had to do an all indoor photo shoot.  Michael is at work, so it was all I could do to get her to smile, look at the camera, and not plunge to her death from her rocking chair. So if it looks like she was shoved back onto the pink bear for sake of snapping a picture she might have been!   Y’all I’m a sweaty mess!  I’m guessing it’s all worth it though, for sake of the memories!


The Skinny on Staci said...

Haha! I think the side note is my favorite part of this whole post. I can't BELIEVE she is almost 1! I know you and I bet you already have the party theme allll picked out. :)

Stephanie said...

You do know me well :) The theme was chosen before she was a month old...plans are being made!