Thursday, December 26, 2013

Traditions Wrap Up

    I wanted to say thanks again for reading my fun little series.  I had the best time writing it as I focused on what was important to me for my little ones to experience during the Christmas Season.    

Now that Christmas is over, it feels like detox time I love putting up Christmas decorations but I also enjoy when it's time to put them up and give the house a good dusting.  Seems like there is glitter EVERYWHERE, or is that just me that feels that way?  

We had a great 1st Christmas with our little girl.  I didn't think it was possible for her to become any more spoiled...but it was!  Ha!

I feel like I didn't have enough days to cover all the traditions I'd like to one day additional one would be:
  • Church Christmas Play--I heard a preacher recently say that if you are taking care of your family, and doing all you should be doing within the church, you'll have a full plate....Amen to that!

Some ideas for after the season:
  • I saw the idea several years ago to save your Christmas Cards and pray for each family that sent you a card.  My best friend does this with her kids with Missionary Prayer Cards.  I hope to incorporate both.  
  • Make a photo book of your child's 1st Christmas.  We have had a great month with many memories we could include:  our church Christmas Banquet, family get-togethers, Christmas tree pictures, her first Christmas presents,   Christmas clothes, and our church Christmas play.

Thanks again for reading along, who knows maybe I'll have more series in the future.  :) 

Oh, and one final see all of our traditions click here. :)

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