Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Day 23 Traditions: Christmas Play

I want my kids to grow up involved in church.  Kendall had her first ministry involvement on Sunday Night. 

 She's the cow that the innkeeper is holding :)

  She took her hoof off during the actual play :)

    It was a blessing to get to work with some of our young people this year!

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The Skinny on Staci said...

This is one thing I nearly cried over Sunday. It sounds silly, but I know all other churches were having their Christmas programs and children's choirs, etc. My kids are 10 and under and have NEVER been part of a play or anything. To me, that's a big deal. But all we have are our 4 kids and 2 teen boys. We have several kids from a local trailer park that we pick up, but they can't be faithful because of split homes, etc. Jimmy did remind me that our kids got to dress in nativity outfits and at least be in their first-ever parade. So I guess that really is a step in the right direction. Kendall looked so adorable! I saw a pic of her that Stephen had posted. Loved the cow skirt! :)