Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 10 Traditions: Bring on the Ornaments Part 1

This is in no way a new or original idea. But my best ideas are always one I have stolen from someone else! 

I want to buy my kids their own ornament each year.  When they get married and move out, they will have their ornaments to take with them.  At some point I envision a small Christmas tree in their bedroom(s), but that will be further down the road!

Kendall's ornament this year:

Her Mawmaw Jones also got her a first Christmas Ornament:

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The Skinny on Staci said...

Both ornaments are adorable. :) My new tradition is giving each of my kids an ornament each year in their stocking (we don't do Santa, but we hang up the red and white stockings, lol). So each year they will have an ornament in there. It helps out my tree, and they love getting to put theirs on after receiving it. And I just told my kids yesterday that maybe after Christmas we can get them a small tree that is on clearance. I said that because they want to decorate my tree... ummm, no! Lol

Rachel said...

My kids love hanging up their ornaments from years past. It's sweet to hear them talk about "when they were little" and liked such and such thing and that's why they have that ornament. It's fun.