Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 2 Traditions: 12 Days of Christmas Nativity Gift

I thought I'd carry over yesterday's theme of Nativity Sets to today. Let me say, I love love love this idea.  I think it could be a tremendous ministry to witness to neighbors and friends.  This is one of those things I hope to do when Kendall is a little bit older.  

The jist is that you buy a nativity set (walmart has relatively inexpensive ones).  Wrap each of 12 pieces separately and give to a neighbor to open one a day until Christmas.  The original sources have free printable poems or bible verses for each piece.  Such as for the star:

The star was hung in Heaven
to announce a royal birth
the Savior of all mankind
had been born upon the earth.

What a witness tool this could be to spread the true meaning of Christmas. 

I originally found the idea on pinterest (Imagine that).  Here's the 2 sources:

(Source) and (Source)  .

Disclaimer:  At least one of these websites is a Latter Day Saints Website.   My religious beliefs differ in many ways from the Latter Day Saints.  I would read each poem and verse before using to make sure it is scripturely sound before printing. 

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