Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Gifts

Where did this weekend go? We had a great weekend but it went by entirely too fast! Saturday evening we went to a Valentine’s Day Banquet. I’ll post pictures from it later. Right now I just want to share a few Valentines gifts that I received. Michael and I find ways daily to express our love and appreciation of each other. However Valentine’s Day just makes it a little sweeter. These are pictures of my beautiful roses, Turtle candy, and Dove chocolate (I never really like diets anyways!)

Michael is one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given. I prayed for years for a husband, and likewise him for a wife. Then God placed us together. There is nothing like the peace of knowing that it was God’s will for us to be together. Many times the word love doesn’t seem strong enough to express how I feel about my husband. He is the most amazing man I know. Often times we tell each other that we love love the other. This was our first V Day as a married couple….I can’t wait for many many many more to come!!! I love love you, Michael Jones.
Then my sweet mother gave me this beautiful necklace. I know the picture isn't great but it's two hearts (both outlined in diamonds). She wanted to get us girls something special in case she ends up having to go to Fl. for the several weeks of radiation. Isn't that sweet? It's suppose to represent her heart and mine. (Awwww).

Misty tell Josh that I would love to tell him that mom loves me more, but before he goes and gets his feelings hurt, I believe he has a special gift coming too.

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Peggy said...

These are precious gifts, Stephanie, and I'm so happy for you, but I,I,I,I have the greatest husband :).
Hope you all can come to our youth revival next week.