Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thank You

Your life can change in just a moment. Burdens change. Priorities change. Everything. It's only been 3 days since I found out about mom. It's hard to even say the word 'cancer' now. I guess I share mom's wacky sense of humor. We've made jokes and have acted silly but the heart of the matter is serious. My heart breaks for her. I wish I could change everything. It's in God's hands....but at times like these its hard to trust.

What has amazed me most at this time is the outpouring of love and concern from friends. It's times like these you realize how many true friends you have. Right now in my yahoo inbox I have 9 emails expressing concern and prayers for mom (I have great intentions to write each of you back). I've had comments left on my blog, comments on mom's blog, text messages, phone calls, notes, and other comments. I know of 5 churches already praying for mom and I'm sure there are more we do not know about. I appreciate it with all my heart and I know mom does also. God is good, and there will grace. For now all we can tell you is Thank You! One day we hope to repay the kindness you have shown. We love you all!

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Peggy said...

Nothing like the love of a sweet family and the love and closeness of God's family!