Monday, February 16, 2009

Banquet Pictures

*Update: I think I got the technical difficulties straightened out. I meaning Ashley. I really think she's a blog genuis!

This picture is suppose to symbolize the fact that we totally bombed the newly wed game. Seriously out of like twelve questions we got one right. It was really sad. We lost so bad.

Whats even more funny is that neither one of us were successful in making an "L" in this picture....yeah we are just too cool like that.

Bombing the game really doesn't bother me. I know we are happily married. Does it even matter that we can't agree with what I wore on Sunday or how we would describe our first kiss? I think not...I'm happy just knowing he loves me and I love him!

Here are the rest of the pictures in a smilebox. My camera didn't save all my pictures so I stole a few from Jen's blog and am going to steal more from punk(that's why some are blurry)...but until then:

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