Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kindergarten teacher by day--Car repo-er by night

Seriously how many of you can say that you’ve ever been part of a car reprocessing? And I do mean on the taking-end not the taken-from end. Well I can’t say I have either, but I came really close Tuesday night. And from the moment the story first started developing I knew it was going to be great blog material. Ha! I’m really sad that we didn’t actually get to take a car but we were totally prepared to do so if opportunity permitted.

It was actually a rental car from the place Michael works. It had been rented for over a month. I’m dying to let loose on some good Repo-Joe jokes, but I will reframe). Michael was given the key and told to go get it. So we found the address…and let me just tell you, it was a nice nice subdivision (these people had no need to be repo-ed from) (or actually maybe all their money went to the house payment). We drove by the house several times….no car. We drove by with the windows down pushing the panic button (to see if it was in the garage)…no car. Michael even knocked on the front door…no car. Funny thing, it was returned that night after we tried to make the pick-up.

I’m serious thinking about an evening job! I was thinking about the bounty-hunter but I hear now there is a car-repo-tv show...Maybe I'm better suited for that.

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