Friday, February 6, 2009

Blog Makeover!

Stephanie here posting from my car in the drive way.

Why am I in my car in the driveway, writing a blog post? No. I'm not hiding my blog obsession from my husband (he already knows). No. I'm not indulging in my love of the Jetta's heated seats. No. I'm not on the phone again to mom (she pretends to be the answering machine when I call now *sad face*).

The real reason I'm sitting in my car is because my house key is in the house on the bar! Nice, I know. I'm just really thankful I left my computer plugged in at school all day so that the battery is nice and charged.

Anyhoo...back to the point at hand. Is this not the best looking blog around? Come on, admit it, you are so jealous! I absolutely love love it! I so wish I could take complete credit it for it but I can't. Thanks Ashley, you are awesome.

Now has anyone seen my key-bearing husband?


Peggy said...

Very cute header. I love it!

Debbie said...

It is really cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your life makes me soooooooooo very tired.

Kim N.