Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Kendall is eleven months old!

Kendall Paige, you are eleven months old!  

     You have learned soooo much this month.  At times it's like we can see the "wheels a'clickin" as you figure out new things!

       You love love love to eat!  We have to cut you off.  You are mostly eating table food now, which is nice for Momma and Daddy not to have to fix you something different.  Your favorites are potatoes and carrots, although you will eat almost anything.  You were super easy to transition to table food, which you prefer over baby food any day!  You are still taking 3 bottles a day but we'll likely cut back to 2 this month in preparation of ditching the bottle shortly after your big first birthday.  Momma is gonna miss your cuddly bottle time!

    Another thing you love is the bath!  Maybe you will be an olympic swimmer because you could stay in the water all day.  

    You are into EVERYTHING...garbage can, printer, toilet (dad, put the lid down!), plants, EVERYTHING! 

   You are pretty attached to your blanket.  Which is completely adorable!  You like to suck your two fingers and hold your blanket to your face to go asleep. When you wake up, you typically stand up in the crib with it clutched tight in your hand.   We've started making you leave your blankie in the crib.  Hopefully you'll be broken from it by your wedding day.   If not maybe your husband will think it's as cute as Mom and Dad does.

  You know what the word no-no means!  You hear it hundreds of times a day. It's about a 50/50 chance if you will listen or not.  Some days it takes telling you just once...and some days it takes 101 times!  It seems like you are really obedient or really rebellious!  It kind of makes us nervous for your teenage years!  You have even been know to whine as your reach for something because you know you are going to get in trouble for it. 

  You are a super fast crawler.  And you love pulling up on anything and everything.  You "walk" down and around all the furniture. 

  You have 8 teeth now.  Four on the top and four on the bottom.  There is nothing better than that toothy grin.

     Last month your sleep was hindered because you wanted to stand up in the crib.  That problem has gotten so much better! 

     Your sleep is the same as last month.  12 to 13 hours at night, from around 7 PM to around 8AM.  And you take 2 naps during the day. 

     I packed up all your 12 months clothes and sent them to the building for storage.  Your 18 month sleepers are a tad big.  All your dress are 18 months.  You are in a size 3 diapers.  Your size 2 shoes are getting tight.

          Going to Wal-Mart with you can be comical.  Momma is better off not going if she is in a hurry or if you're going to be needing a nap, because you draw A LOT of attention, especially from little old ladies who love talking to you. You just grin and carry on!  You don't realize that Wal-Mart is for groceries and the necessities of think it is another installment of the I Love Kendall Show.

      It's hard to believe I'll only be writing one more month of Kendall facts.  This year has flew by!

    You are "made over" all day long.  I never realized my heart could hold so much love. I wonder all the time if you will realize how blessed you truly are.  So many children don't have what you do, and it's heart breaking.  

     Not only are you a blessed baby, but your Momma and Daddy are two blessed parents!  God has been good to our family!

     You are growing so fast!
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The Skinny on Staci said...

All those pics are so precious and gorgeous. Parenting is really something else, isn't it!? Who would think sleep could be interrupted by wanting to stand up in your crib, yanno? Yet parents all over the world face it. Lol

Anonymous said...

Cutest baby in the world!!! :)-Kelvey