Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Just Checking In

Miss me?  :)  Things have been busy around here, but mostly with stuff that's not entertaining to read about.  

Some little girl is turning 1 on Friday.  Unbelievable!   It. Was. Just. Yesterday!  Honestly this has been the best year.  I'm loving this stage.  She is learning sooooo much.  I have some fun Kendall Posts up my shelve for later this week/early next week.  

At this moment. she's sitting in the floor playing with her Fisher Price Laugh & Play Home set and....get this....the empty Pop-tart Box.  The House was a Christmas Present from her aunts and she loves it!  It's one toy that actually gets used a lot.  The pop tart box was courtesy of her mom finishing off the pastries yesterday :)  She sooo fits the stereo-type of kid's playing with the empty box more than what was in it!  (Although, she'd be pretty happy to get her hands on some pop-tarts!)

We are having a party here on Saturday.  Why do I do this to myself?  Actually I love having people over, once we get to the actual having people over stage.  It's the getting ready that's a little stressful.  But she's worth it.  And there will be a blog post coming on the party details! 

On top of the party festivities going on this week, I challenged myself to clean out and organize my whole house during January.  I have a list of 35 areas.  And although I'm a little behind, I've knocked out a lot!  I giggle every time I open my clean frig now  :).  It's the small things. 

So that's it with the Joneses the past few weeks.  Cleaning, Organizing, playing with trash (and sometimes in the trash),and party planning.   Oh and Michael does the whole going to work thing.  :)

And because posts are boring without pictures.....

All ready for church this past Sunday.

This post title is brought to you from my MIL.  :)  I've picked this phrase up from her. 


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Staci Moize said...

I cannot believe girlfriend is 1 (she will be when you read this tomorrow anyway). Crazy! I remember when she was only a wish. :) Didn't you say you have the Fisher Price Little People nativity set? Well, if so, let me tell you... those items make GREAT gifts for babies. Aubree received the Little People car for her 1st bday and she played with it for hours on end. Then it got passed down to her sisters. I ended up owning the house, the farm, the grocery store, the carnival, the bus, the plane, the dump truck, the semi-truck, etc, etc before it was all said and done. I just sold it all last year since the kids have outgrown it. Well, I'm sure I'm too late for gift suggestions anyway. ha!