Sunday, November 15, 2009

Showers of Blessings--Day 11--Childhood Memories

I'm way behind on being thankful. Whoops.

Day 11

I'm thankful for childhood memories.

Our family vacations use to consist of either a night spent in Pigeon Forge or a day at Opry land Amusement Park. One time going to Opry Land we were crammed into Wendells s10 truck, mom was way pregnant, and the flood gates were open. The whole way there it was crazy rain! As soon as we got there it was beautiful and we had the best day.

I'm thankful mom use to make me rake leaves until I thought I was dying! Now I have a good work ethic.

I'm thankful for actually getting the bird out of the house as a little girl....long story got stuck in my hair in the process but I DID get it out of the house.

I'm thankful for being homeschooled through my high school years.

I'm thankful for being taught to cook supper when my parents were still at work.

I'm thankful for dates to the dump and chick-o-sticks and cowtails.

I'm thankful for fourth of July hayrides.

I'm thankful for early Sunday mornings.

I'm thankful for weekends at Granny's and Jane's.

I'm thankful for fourwheeling trips.

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