Thursday, November 5, 2009

30 Days of Thankfulness--Day Five

I'm thankful for my job. At times it drives me batty but I'm doing what I love.

I'm thankful for my car. I hate to sound petty but there are many people who do not own a car.

I'm thankful for the laundry folded on the coffee table and waiting in the dryer. It means the Lord has blessed us with plenty of clothes.

I'm thankful for the dirty dishes waiting on me in the kitchen. I never have to go hungry.

I'm thankful for glasses/contacts. I would hate to spend my life unable to see the wonders of the world around me.

1 comment:

Misty said...

I love reading your "thankful" posts it helps to remind me to be thankful for even the smallest things we are blessed with. I have started "somewhat" updating my blog and i will try and do better. talk to later!!