Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yet another fictitious post, Yes I am so bitter!

Dear Parents,

I will not begin to respond to your many concerns and comments directed toward me yesterday. However, please understand I was trained in college to teach your child, not to explain situations that I, myself, do not understand.

I am sorry that your sweet little ones were required to attend school yesterday when 51 other schools and counties were out in our area. (Yes, I also spent my time counting on the screen).

Yes I do realize that our school neighbors many counties that were under a wind chill advisory. Yes I do realize we felt this “ARCTIC AIR MASS” with “VERY COLD TEMPERATURES COMBINED WITH BREEZY WINDS” and that “WILL GENERATE DANGEROUS WIND CHILLS” (Direct quotes taken from the national weather service). I also noticed my car thermometer reached the low temperature of 2 degrees. However, you may not realize that our superintendent is up for a prestigious award of never calling off school! You should be proud of her! Rumor also has it that there is a bonus in store for the director who calls off school least often.

Many have expressed concerns that your child may not be getting enough physical activity during these cold days. Rest assure, although we have not had recess this week, the kids have taken it upon them self’s to stay active by bouncing all over every square inch of our room. I really cannot blame them, as I myself am going a little stir-crazy!

Please note, if your child came home and expressed how cold our classroom was during the morning, this was not another kindergartener exaggeration. Our room was a chilly 58 degrees for the morning which we warmed up with space heaters, that I carefully guarded myself to keep little hands away from burn danger. I mean I surely didn’t have a better way to spend my time. The maintenance men soon arrived and braved the school top to work on the units and the room soon warmed up.

For any parent of a child who rides bus 27 that broke down….well…..umm…I’ll deal with this one later.

Just bundle them up and deal with it. This is what they do in Alaska anyways, isn’t it? Who really needs all 10 fingers? Is 9 degrees really that cold?

In closing let me remind you that violent shivering, clumsy movements, and speech slurred are all signs of hypothermia. If your child experiences any of these symptoms, please rush them to the nearest medical center.

Yours Truly,
Mrs. Jones

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