Saturday, January 10, 2009


  • I'm wondering if it's really been since Wednesday that I last posted.
  • I actually posted last night, but quickly took it off. (Go ahead Michael and Carly....laugh).
  • We're meeting Michael's parents @6 to eat dinner.
  • Nothing exciting has been going on.
  • Finished report cards only to find out that they are now going home on Monday instead of yesterday. (I could have procrastinated longer!)
  • I have a new blog look coming soon....I'm so excited about this.
  • We just determined that Michael's next Monday off, I'm also off (hooray!).
  • I haven't touched the back room in 2 weeks. I'm hoping to do a little today.
  • Michael and I have discovered the convenience of the red box that's a mile and a half away.
  • I'm ready for Spring break!

I'm hoping (you are too) that something exciting will happen for me to blog about. I'm begining to feel like a failure.

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