Thursday, January 15, 2009


Have you ever had something happen to you that is...just so unbelievable. Something that you hesitate to tell for fear of gaining a rep as a fibber. I've debated all day as to whether or not I should post this. I mean, who would believe it? Would you believe it?

And then there is the whole moral/religious value thing. Did I do the right thing? Make the right decision? I guess I should start the story from the beginning...

I was driving home from school yesterday when my gas light came on. Great....there it was Wednesday afternoon. I had late afternoon bus duty. I didn't have any 'good' groceries at home. My husband would be home 30 minutes after me. I needed to run to Kroger's and iron. There simply was no time to stop and get gas. Just No time.

I know what you are thinking and no I didn't run out of gas. I use to have a reputation of running out of gas. Use to...not anymore! Wanna know what cured me? The last time some nice gentlemen (that I know) stopped to help me and under his breath said "Doesn't your dad own a gas station?" Waa-laa I'm cured. No more driving by faith for me!

Back to yesterday....I made it to Krogers and home. Fixed a quick spaghetti dinner, ironed, brushed my hair, jumped into Michael's fully gassed truck and rushed to church.
So that leads to this morning. No I didn't run out of gas....why won't you listen????? I woke up late, which put me leaving late. I simply could not risk driving all the way to Oliver Springs with my gas light on. So I made the decision to go through Kingston and fill up.

So I pull up at Race Way, stepped out of my car and quickly realize I should have got gas yesterday. It was so cold. Were you out this morning? I mean like Arctic cold! I quickly insert my card into the pump, yank the nozzle down, slam it into my car, and run back to the driver seat. I am just about to sit my bottom back into my seat that I knew would still be warm from my heated seats (Heated seats=must have!!!!!!) when I see it! There at my feet is a.....lottery ticket. Oh my!

At that moment a thousand thoughts race through my head. Should I pick it up? Is it a trick? Is it really a ticket? Someone really threw their money away. I quickly pick it up and shut my door trying to conceal some of my precious heat. In case you do not know me well....I have issues with lottery tickets. I would never buy one or support them. However I didn't buy this one. It blew up to my feet.

I started studying the ticket. "Lucky 7's"....cost=$1.oo. Who would really waste a dollar on this? I would so have saved my dollar and buy a drink at school with it. As I continue to study it I realize that it hasn't even been scratched off. Wow...someone really wasted a $1.00.

Being the extremely nosey person I am...I did the only thing I could possibly do. I dug a quarter out of my purse and began scratching. The plan was no matter what it the ticket trash that exact moment the gas pump clicked off, so I ran around (in the Arctic cold, again) and de-nozzled my car, and ran back to my heated finish scratching.

Up until this point you are thinking this is a pretty believable story, right? Well here's were the unbelievable part comes in. Wanna know how much the ticket is worth?

Remember the part where I said this story was unbelievable? Well....Fact is that I love love my life. Yes it may seem boring to others or to some step-dads but it is what it is and I think it is just perfect the way it is. So when certain individuals complained about my blog being "bor-ring", I decided to spice it up. Now really Wendell, would you rather me fabricate some wild story or simply tell of my weight loss journey.

P.S. I do not in any way support RaceWay gas stations. I am sorry if your last name is Patell but I strongly feel you should pay taxes like the rest of small business owners! I just simply knew the thoughts of me stopping at RaceWay would really get Wendell!

P.S.S. Thanks to my incredibly cute husband who helped in the research department for this post! It takes a lot of research when you know so little about lottery tickets.


Anonymous said...

That is one wasted minute of my life that I
will never get back!Thanks Steph!
Kim N.

Rachel said...

I was all ready to wake Chris up (he's snoozing on the couch) and say, "Stephanie won a thousand dollars!" or some such thing. Wah wah waaah. :)


Stephanie said...

When you are reading my blog, it's never a wasted minute.
You love me!

Anonymous said...

That is true when it's about weight loss,
or how much you're in love,but not so much
when I was all ready to ask for a loan.
Please don't toil with my emotions like that!