Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Resolution 1

If your name is Mom or Nanny, stop reading now….before you become very disappointed.

Have you ever taken on a job that ended up being way bigger than you can handle? Someone did that very thing this week…ding, ding, ding….Bob we have a winner….ME!

Here’s the scoop. Right before Michael and I got married our lives were very rushed and chaotic. We were planning a wedding, buying appliances, and moving into our house. Yep, things were so busy we didn’t have time to move in properly. Sure the all the major rooms were unpacked and organized but every little thing we didn’t know what to do with went to the …..this is the part where the eerie music plays…..back room. For most people this wouldn’t be a problem….however I moved from my parents’ house with a big basement…and well…..I’m what I consider a collector. Mom has always called me her pack-rat, but is it really my fault? Can I help it that I enjoy reminiscing on past days and relics? Who’s to blame that the genetic pool fell in favor of dad who also has many treasures? I seem to accumulate stuff, bunches of stuff. The fact that I’m a school teacher doesn’t help either, it’s a known fact that school teachers save everything. It’s in a teachers DNA. Do you realize while in the back room today I found cards from my high school graduation. Some of which made me cry. Who else can say they still have cards from high school that make them cry.

Back to the subject at hand, I took on the job of cleaning out the back room (eerie music again). I started Wednesday, pushed right along through Thursday, and started back today with new zeal. Here’s the problem. There’s a lot of stuff in there and we are having company tonight. I finally had to call it quits so I could start cooking and clean the rest of my house. I made it through 10 of the totes. They are now decluttered and organized. There are also about 10 bags of garbage to prove my accomplishment. However 10 totes is only a small piece of the pie. This is really a huge project and at this moment I’m feeling like a junky failure.

When I say huge project I mean huge. For example I finally threw away one of my treasures. It was Christmas present from my fifth grade teacher. Do you still have a present from your fifth grade teacher? (It was a great miniature trash can with my name painted on it. Maybe I can make some for my kids next year. I need to start checking craft stores. I can get them now and store them in the back room.) See, I told you I’m diseased.

This is the part that the resolution comes into play. During the month of January I’m gonna post some of my resolutions. That way you can hold me accountable. And resolution number one is…(drum roll)…to clean out the back room.

So now that you have read about my major fault you can go back to your life. And please don’t spread the word too much that I’m a “collector”.

P.S. Dad I found your Kosovo license plate and book Blue Gem.

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h. said...

thanks God, you found them!