Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Life is unfair....

I'm sitting on my couch watching (and smelling) my 130 lb 6'1" husband eat a complete bag of Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Pop Corn. Oh and not just the plain Jane version but the Ultimate Butter version. The kind that my sisters drool over. The kind that possesses 480 calories and 36 grams of stomach-packing fat .
My saliva glands have increased production to compensate for the buttery salty goodness they have hoped to taste since the first whiff more that 5 minutes ago. Did I mention he is an incredibly s---l---o---w eater? Pretty soon I will be drowning in my own saliva.
Yes, here I sit in all my short fat glory as I try to enjoy this 50 cal 0 fat Popsicle.


Tammy said...

I guess I am fortunate that my husband is dieting with me. My only complaint is that he gets about seven or eight more points than me.
Some guys (like your 130 lb. husband) get all the luck don't they?

Ashley said...

Well i decided to stop by and you have me cracking up at this post - but girl, I am right there with you on the weight loss...but you are doing a muc better job at it than I am! Keep up the excellent work!!! Oh, and you will have a new blog makover soon!!!