Wednesday, January 21, 2009

124 Visitors

What’s better than a 4 day weekend? A 5 day one, of course! I didn’t expect it but I’ll take it!!!! It’ll give me more time to do somethings around here. Any chance of snow tonight?

Yesterday was a record setting day for my blog! 124 views! I’m still giddy! Wow, it makes me warm and happy inside to think someone might actually like reading my blog! *big cheesy smile* [Yes, I am totally ignoring the fact that I was linked up to the passionate homemaking site…Every girl needs to have her moment!] Maybe…just maybe….I’m on the way to being cool…Yeah right!

I have so many blogging thoughts swirling around in my head. I’m gonna try to spend a few minutes developing them today. You might see some good posts in the coming days (just hang in there Wendell). The 124 visitors yesterday is really going to my head!

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