Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years Resolution 2

Well here it is folks.....to lose 35 lbs. Actually I'd like to lose more but I figure I'll set my goals low and maybe just maybe I'll achieve them. You know the assumption that you gain weight when you're happy...let's just say I've been real happy here lately!
I'm working real hard on this new diet. Well, actually I've been working real hard since yesterday. I waited til I went back to work to start dieting because it's just easier for me.
My short term goals are to eat breakfast every morning, drink only diet cokes, and drink at least one 20 oz water a day. I really plan to up the water drinkage but it's gonna take me a while. Sometime in the near future I'll add some form of exercise.
I'm using the weight watchers form of counting points. I know the system and it worked for me in the past. I weighed yesterday. I'm going to wait til next Monday to weigh again.
This resolution is a toughy for me. I'm gonna need some encouragement....thus going public...and the cute count down ticker.


Anonymous said...

I am right there with you! I want to start with 20 and go from there! It is sooo much harder to lose though! (Especially if you like to eat!) We can do it... but you might have to up the water intake!!! LOL

Carly :)

Rachel said...

Good luck, Steph. I will be with you in a few months. Ugh. Not looking forward to that.