Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Now for the rest of the story....

So mom posted all about our trip to Vanderbilt, right? Wrong! She left out so many important details. This just goes to prove that she should have marked short-term memory loss on her patient health history form!

First off we made it to the parking garage. However, we could not park there because it was made for hotwheels cars and Wendell drove the Mammoth truck. So we had to drive around in the big city of Vanderbilt to find the second garage. It was a little better (made for tonka trucks) so we attempted it. It was quite humorous watching how close the top of the truck came to concrete beams above. The funniest part was when Wendell spotted the speed bump he had to go over. We laughed so hard.

Parking in the second garage made mom's directions to the doctors office void. Good thing we got there 2 hours early. After asking 10 different people where to go we were on our way. It was so sad to me, walking around. The whole time I was looking at people and wondering what was wrong with them. It's a depressing place. We finally did find the doctors office.

We had a forever wait in the doctors office. I decided I needed mom's notebook so I could document what the doctor told her. Here's what I got

3:00--Arrive in the doctors office
4:08--Still in the waiting room--crying baby
4:09--Hungry, no make that STARVING
4:12--Baby not crying anymore...wearing an uncomfortable looking snowsuit- -no snow in sight.
4:13--We are the last people in the waiting room
4:17--Wendell's on the Phone
4:21--Just asked mom to see the "lump"--realized she ate a RED jolly
rancher--so embarassing!!!!!
4:33--Still the only ones in the waiting room...Wendell texted me, "I think we
are next."
4:35--Mom's tongue is still red--wendell's is green.
4:36--Nurse took us back to wait in another room
4:40--Mom just informed me crying baby had a broke leg
4:41--Mom wondered aloud if her chair reclined--it does *big smile*
4:55--Wendell starts clicking on the computer that is in the room
4:57--Resident comes into room

After that I was too distracted to take notes. As you can see I went along for their enjoyment....a light in a dark spot. They are blessed with me.

On a serious note...keep mom in your prayers. She's facing some hard times.


Amber said...

What is up with snowsuits on babies when there is no snow? Never could figure that out.

Praying for your mom.

What's new with JennyJu? said...

Steph that's hilarious! You sound like me and Punk in the waitin room when we went with Ki. I think they regretted taking us along. :0)

Debbie said...

This is to Jen....
WE DID!!!!!!

What's new with JennyJu? said...

Punk and I should have come along too! Oh the fun we would have had. We would have made you a super cool poster and poem all your own! :0)

Amy said...

:) Great post. Praying for you and your mom.